Monday, November 29, 2010

24th Mommy Mondays

Here's a song and fingerplay I remembered and my son loves it.

Alligator and Monkeys

5 Little Monkeys swinging from a tree
Teasing Mr. Alligator, no you can't catch me.
Along comes Mr. Alligator quiet as can be
and he snatched that monkey right out of that tree
(repeat until there are no more monkeys)

Primary Song

Hello, Hello
Hello, and how are you?
I'm fine, I'm fine
and hope that you are too!

We also like to sing the chorus to Follow the Prophet (LDS Primary song), Popcorn Popping (LDS Primary song), Little Leaves Lie Fast Asleep...(LDS Primary song), Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, I'm a Little Teapot, Row Row your Boat, ABCs, Ring Around the Rosie.

When he goes to sleep, we sing Twinkle Twinkle, ABCs and then several LDS Primary songs until he falls asleep: I am a Child of God, As I Have Loved You, Families Can Be Together Forever, Child's Prayer, Love is Spoken Here and Teach Me to Walk in the Light (these are all the ones I have memorized - others I sometimes mix verses with =D)

I'd love to know more so please leave a comment with them!

In other news my son is turning 2 tomorrow! Party decorations, goodie bags, games and prizes have been set up some. Now to work on the homemade pizza and his cake!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CSN Stores Black Friday Deals

I finally picked something to review for CSN, and it should be coming next week. Then my review will be up in December.

Here are amazing deals that I can share with my fabulous readers!
Black Friday Deals! Please feel free to let your readers know about these special savings that will be taking place starting November 22, 2010. Since these sites are offering exclusive savings at incredible discounted prices, promotional codes will not be accepted.

Hope you're having a very SAFE and Fabulous Thanksgiving Holiday. We're still trying to get out of here to meet up with friends and some family to start our Thanksgiving holiday.

Monday, November 22, 2010

23rd Mommy Mondays - 50 FREE Holiday Cards!

As a mom, our time is very precious to us. So to help you save some time this holiday season, here's how you can get 50 FREE Holidays Cards from Shutterfly! Create your own blog post, but find out more information here:

Never heard of Shutterfly? They are an amazing photo site that offers prints, cards, photo books, calendars, gifts, and more! They are my absolute favorite and I'm not just saying that for this promo. I love getting prints from them because they're so affordable and they offer lots of discounts and deals. Their quality is superb too!

I usually make my holiday cards because I like to include a letter in there to friends and family, but I have ordered from them other cards on several occassions.

Last year I did my son's birthday invitation from them.

For those who weren't local, I made a little poem card to let other family and friends know he was going to turn 1.

To announce our 2nd baby, we made some cards through Shutterfly to send to family and friends. On the front, our son is wearing a Big Brother shirt I made.

When my husband graduated college, I also made graduation announcements through them.

For my friend, I made some cute address labels to go with her wedding colors. Address labels save so much time write out addresses. Plus they're too cute!

They even have Christmas Gift Tags which I didn't know about. Super cute!

Shutterfly can help save you a lot of time this Holiday Season!

Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #27

Here's me at 16 weeks (I'm currently 17 weeks though). Sorry the picture is blurry - I had to do a self-timer since no one was home to take my picture.

Shirt from Layers' Clothing close-out sale. $5?
Jeans from Old Navy $25-$30 - I love these maternity jeans! Instead of the fabric waistband, they have jean so it looks like normal jeans except there's not button or zipper still =D I wish I had money to buy another pair. I only own 2 pairs of maternity jeans.

I've definitely been feeling this baby move now. So fun! Can't wait until my husband and son can feel the baby.

We find out the gender, December 10th! I'd love to hear you GUESSES on the GENDER! Mind you my husband is the oldest of 6 boys. I have 2 younger brothers. Neither of us have sisters. We have a toddler son. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first.

Please leave a comment with your guess. =D

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Gratitude Paintings

Last year with my Activity Days girls, we made these Gratitude Jars.

This year we did Gratitude Paintings on 8x8 canvas with poster paints. Girls drew some pictures of things they were thankful for. Most of them spent the whole hour on the activity too.

Halloween Frames

We made these pictures with our toddler a while ago. A friend brought us these 3-D Halloween stickers when he was sick. It was a perfect activity.

He mostly picked where the stickers went, but I'd sometimes direct him to put some in the "sky" or down on the ground.  The 8x8 ones were mostly left over broken pieces of stickers.

I finally bought some frames last week  at our craft store's big holiday sale to put them in. I think they're cute and we'll hang them or put them on our mantle next Halloween!

Monday, November 15, 2010

22nd Mommy Mondays

Winners from my Mommy Mondays Giveaway - Since we were low in numbers, I like to make sure everyone is a winner! =D
$5 Jamba Juice and $5 Coldstone Gifts Cards - Lisa
Scrappy Canvas - Shairbearg
Baby Hat with flower - Colliers
Surprise Gift - Steph, Amber, Katie, Kady L.

Please e-mail me at ScrappyDiva2129 at yahoo dot com or I will try to e-mail/contact you later this afternoon.
So this week I feel like it's been so hard trying to spend time with my husband!

With our toddler that fights bed so badly when his Daddy is around. My husband works 11:30am-8pm so our son doesn't get too see Daddy as much because it's almost bedtime once his Daddy gets home. We usually keep our son up between 9pm-10pm though, but I don't know if it's enough time.

Then with me being pregnant, I'm usually in bed right after our son is, again due to my husband's later working schedule. His work schedule does have its benefits because we are not people, but just me being pregnant again - it's been way harder to find time to spend just us.

Oh and our son is still not great with "strangers"/baby-sitters. We've tried a couple times, but I feel bad asking people to baby-sit when our son just cries most of the time. He is improving though and getting used to certain people more so maybe one day we'll get there.

Maybe I should take a nap with my son during the day again so I can have energy to stay up with my husband at night. Anyone have tips about how to spend time with your husband when your child is not great with baby-sitters? Is it harder when you're pregnant with 2nd, 3rd, etc. child? Time and season for everything?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #26

Sorry I forgot to post this Friday! I wanted to share with you our Halloween Costumes. Halloween can be such a fun time to dress up! I would love to see your Halloween costumes too so leave a link!

2009 - Son: Lion, Husband: Tin Man, Me: Scarecrow

2010 - Son: Frog, Husband: The Prince the Frog turns into, Me: The Princess
Grey Sweater Jacket - $40 from Kohls - it has pretty little rosettes on the right upper side.
Only "princess" type of dress I had that would fit over my big pregnant belly!

I thought I did a pretty good job curling my hair this time too -I hate doing it because I can never get it the way I like it, but I liked it on Halloween.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Baby Sprinkle

One of my friends was having her 2nd baby and it's another boy so I asked her if she would like a Baby Sprinkle - a smaller version of a baby shower where you get mostly diapers and other things you don't have for baby 2. She was excited about the idea so I quickly put a Baby Sprinkle for her together since she's due October 22nd! (She had her baby Friday, October 15th.) We talked about this the end of September!
After throwing this together, I realized this was my first baby event that I hosted. Not sure how other Baby Sprinkles go either, but I thought the whole thing went pretty well. Just next time put the date on the first set of invites!!! =D Oops on my part. I blame my pregnancy - seriously where does your brain go!?

Here's the invitation I made. I took pieces of different wording from different invites I found online. The last line of the poem, I made up myself =D
She really likes the color purple so I coordinated that color with her invite along with boy colors. I made a couple variations of the invite some with gray background, some with blue background and others also had different diaper sizes to bring.

First we ate some food that I made: Banana Cake with choice of Lemon Frosting or Cream Cheese Frosting (Lemon tastes super good - you'd be surprised!), Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake (no there's no coffee in it; that's what they call it since people eat with coffee) and we drank pink lemonade.

We played some little party games that I found at the Dollar Store. They were quick little ones as a time filler.

One was just Take a Guess on when the baby would be born and how big he will be.
The others were Finish the Rhyme, TV and Movie Kids, and Name Meanings. None of these games I had played before so I thought it would be pretty fair. (I've been to so many baby showers that I've become really good at the games and usually always win at least one prize =D).

I didn't really decorate either since it was at her house, just brought some balloons. One that said It's a Boy and 2 white star balloons.

Has anyone else hosted a baby shower or baby sprinkle? I'd love to see other ideas. I have lots of pregnant friends right now!

Monday, November 8, 2010

21st Mommy Mondays

Don't forget my Giveaway for a $5  Jamba and $5 Coldstone gift card OR Scrappy Canvas OR a baby hat with flower. Only 9 entries so far!!!


Today and actually the last couple days I've been up before my toddler. It's kinda nice. Usually I sleep as long as I can until my little guy comes right in my face and says Get Up or starts to kiss or lick my face which he thinks is hilarious. Why can't he do that to his daddy!?

I guess that main reason for this is I just haven't been able to sleep especially Friday night, Saturday morning. I woke up at 5:30am to go to the bathroom (I wish I didn't carry my babies so low when pregnant - I always have to pee!), tried to go back to sleep but couldn't so I got up at 6am. I was able to declutter the front room and his playroom and clean the kitchen and do the dishes that I didn't do the night before. I scared my husband though, he thought our son had gotten up and went out the door when actually it was me going to start the car for my husband to go to work.

So what are you an early riser that gets ready before your kids wake up or do you sleep until the last possible second????
Hopefully I can continue to be an early riser - it's easier to get stuff when your kids are asleep especially since I've been napping during my son's nap time too.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #25 - Guest Blogger - Paint that Nail!

Don't forget my Giveaway for a $5  Jamba and $5 Coldstone gift card OR Scrappy Canvas OR a baby hat with flower. Only 2 entries so far!!!
Now for another fabulous post from Paint that Nail!

Here is the first step for this design. What you have to do is put a base coat on. Then put a coat of whatever base color you are using. Let dry completely and then put a thick coat of any color you want. I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Celeb City. The other color I used was Ulta Salon Formula in Alter Ego. I took the lighter color as my base color and then the darker color as the top/tip color. But you paint a thick coat all over your nail then with a different color paint, a thick line of that on the tip of your nail before it dries.

Then with a tooth pick and a kinda light touch drag the colors back and fourth so then it will look like that.

Then I added a coat of glitter but its not that noticeable because I didnt want too thick of a glitter since the 2 colors I used were so frosty. The glitter I used was Pur Ice in Oh Baby then I added a couple dots in the corner that was Rimmle London 10 Day Wear in Black Satin.
How fun! These look perfect for the winter months or like a winter wonderland dance.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

20th Mommy Mondays - GIVEAWAY!

sorry this is a day late....

I've been sick for the last week... sore throat, lots of coughing and a runny nose. Today I'm almost completely better! Thank goodness!!! I have so much to catch up on - laundry (still some from when my son was sick several weeks ago - I had 3 loads of darks in one day from that week), dishes (basically caught up to day, Scrappy Gifts giveaways and projects, trying to find meals to eat that I won't throw up (since I've mostly stopped coughing that hasn't been as big of an issue today), mom duties, home duties. I'm sure many of you know how it is.

How do you get caught up when you've been sick or get behind?
I dreamt that my mom came to help me last week - that sure would have been nice - too bad she lives so far away!

To get more people commenting over on my Crafty Mommy Diva blog, I've decided to have a little giveaway.

Winner will get their choice of a $5 Jamba Juice gift card and $5 Coldstone gift card OR a regular Scrappy Canvas made by me OR a baby hat with a flower (I bought a lot of baby shower gifts - mostly girl stuff at Paci-Catchers auction). Just maybe I'll give one person each of these items - so 3 different winners!

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