Friday, November 18, 2011

new at Eden Fantasys

They have lots of new things over at They have some clothing now too. Here is a cute, modest and fun top.
I love the bright yellow color especially to wear during the upcoming winter, to brighten up those gloomy days, especially out here in Idaho. You can get some bad cabin fever so I think this bright yellow top would really bring some sunshine inside. Plus as a mom, I think I would be happier wearing something so bright and cheery - because of late, I've been having a hard time staying in a good mood with all the things I've been trying to keep up with. While I type this, that tops just sounds even more appealing to help with my mood! Do you have certain clothes/colors that help brighten your mood?
I also love the flutter sleeves on this top, very breathable looking. That would be helpful in staying cool while running around with kids in tow.

They also have a little bit of makeup too. Here is some face make-up for a flushed look or glow. Sometimes I look so pale so I try to put a glow/rosiness on my face and this sounds like this would help do that.

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2 crafty contributions:

Rachel said...

I definitely agree about needing something bright to help keep your mood up. Lately I've been looking for funner colors to put in my wardrobe. It helps my day be happier when I am wearing something cute and that shirt is super cute! :)

Tasha said...

=) I love purples- I use to not be a big fan. But I think that a deep purple looks great on everyone! I think you would look awesome in purples!