Monday, February 1, 2021

Dental Appointments

With so many different and long appointments this week, my kids just worked on their list of the week. I don't have a lot of pictures though with how draining the week was.

We talked about temple work as we read the scriptures

Then the kids worked on their Night Zookeeper. My daughter did several pages from her Division workbook while her brother worked on Exact Path.

They played outside a lot today of their own choice.

We are still reading our Tennis Shoes among the Nephites book.

I started a parenting class offered through their school district called, Guiding Good Choices.

The kids played in the snow again I was surprised they went out on their own accord.


We took the youngest to the dentist. When we came back. We discovered we had no internet due to some construction breaking a fiber line. Our area was down for 7-8 hours.

So we had the kids try to learn a new card game we are creating ourselves. My husband and I have most of the rules in place along with names, but need to work on refining it before we get into the visuals. We used some basic cards to represent for now.

The 2 youngest did lots of painting.

The 2 oldest played BankIt from SimplyFun which is a fabulous game to learn budgeting and basic financial skills. It's been a family favorite for years.

We also played Werewords as a family. My daughter had a challenging word for her as a mayor - granite. She didn't quite know the word well enough to answer our questions. 

Then we got our Raspberry Pi out to play some old school video games. My youngest who is 3 did quite well playing Sonic the Hedgehog. I played my older kids in Tetris, my absolute favorite, best played on the Playstation.


Today was dental day for my daughter. She had the orthodontist and then the dentist. She got 2 of the braces off her back teeth because now they need to push the front teeth back together now that the teeth have had room to grow.

We had our Morning Routine and the kids finished up their 
Exact Path assignments. 

They had fun of an old website they used to use at their old school, called Little Alchemy. My oldest created Yoda.
They also played with one called Weave Silk?

My son's words about the week:
My parents are in the middle of making their own card game. Since our internet went out one day, we tried to play and test out their game with just normal playing cards to figure out more of the rules. There were a lot of cards. There's a point system and to win you have to the most points. I cannot go into further detail because my parents are still working on the game design, but I think it was really fun. I think my mom cheated though.

My daughter's:

I painted a sunset. It had blue and variations of yellow. It looked really pretty and painting helps me feel happy inside and creative.

Friday, January 29, 2021

Fashionable Fridays - January 2020

Latest thrift finds for myself top photo (T1S4) I think I might have found a good thrift store finally! Or maybe I should always remember to go in January 😃

But my main focus at the thrift store was helping my T3 friend get new clothes. (Bottom Photo)
She figured out her energy type, and we figured out some style words. I created a Pinterest board of inspiration and shopping we went. She hates shopping normally, but she just followed me around while I put everything that fit her style words in a cart, and then we sorted through those and held things up and got more items than she thought she would get. She went home and tried everything more and loved everything (though the floral dress was out of her comfort zone). Her husband was glad to see no black (we think he's T1) and loved everything as well. Best shopping trip she's ever had!

Dressing your Truth for the Win!

It was a lot of fun for me shopping for someone else! 

Top photo of me is what I wore out shopping: Lularoe striped shirt, Old Navy mask, and DYT store plaid top and star necklace with Zenni eyeglasses. I need to get more contacts. 

Since we went to a thrift store, they didn't allow any trying on of clothes. We did the best we could with some items, but at least you can exchange them if needed. I quickly tried them all on at home and loved them! I'm figuring out my style better and better and I love sweaters for winter. I want to have a vest in every color! Now I have white, navy, red, green, and purple! 

The orange top I didn't take a picture since it was see through and I actually got stuck in it trying to get it off. The armpit area is pretty tight. =D

Which sweater do you love the most?

Monday, January 18, 2021

Measuring Moments


We started off strong with our morning routine. Then the kids worked on Osmo and Smart Links

My daughter learned more about using a different kind of measuring cup, a measuring moments lesson. She did 1 1/3 C of oil instead of 1/3 C in her brownie mix. I instantly new it wasn't correct by feeling the mix so I asked about her ingredients and explained how the glass 2 C measuring worked. She only saw the 1/3 top line. This also happened last week with our blender. She looked at the top lines not the bottom. 

I had to run to the store so I bought some more brownie mix, and we quadrupled the recipe. I individually wrapped a pan and a half of brownies and put them in a freezer bag. Now we have about 90 cupcakes and about 30 brownies in our freezer =D

Have you had any fun Measuring Moments that you were able to save?

Fun Fact - my friends would have me cut their birthday cakes at their parties because I cut quite evenly =)

My daughter drew this on her "Boogie Board" today, well technically my free one I received from ordering the kids theirs. 

In the evening, this one had fun with me playing baseball with his giant red ball and then doing some boxing to get some energy out before bed. 

After our morning routine, we worked on some family history and the kids answered and recorded a question. They did this at our local family history center a couple years ago so it was fun to hear the change in their voices. It worked well to record with just our computer camera. 

Then the kids worked on their Beast Academy and Brain Quest workbooks. Then my oldest did Tangrams with Osmo and my daughter worked on something to help get to know some neighbor kids.

In the afternoon, I had them follow a book with instructions for a Minecraft city! It will take a bit of time, but they thought it was fun so far.

We played Werewords as a family too. 

We started reading Tennis Shoes among the Nephites and have a goal to finish it by the end of the school year. 

We played a geography game. You matched the states and then could read a fact about the state.

With both activities, I discussed words they might not have know and popular phrases. 

Minecraft - my daughter worked on making a daycare. More information about that at the end in her own words. Isn't she so creative!?!

We then focused on cleaning because we had Pest Control coming in. After that, my daughter built this fort which was much easier now that we have so many chairs. 

Then they begged to try my new dōTERRA Nutrition line. We just tried the protein ones first.

My son liked the vanilla one best, and my daughter the chocolate one. There's lots of recipes on the website


My kids worked on their Exact Path and then we all tried our best snack box yet. I was pleasantly surprised. 

My son's share about the week.
We are making a Minecraft city using a map from a book to build it. Right now, we're still stuck on the digging part  because it has an area of 48,242 blocks. When we start making the city, my sister and I are thinking of adding a pet shop to buy pigs, rabbits, dogs and cats.

My daughter's share:
I was in Minecraft. I built a daycare. It had a napping room with rainbow beds, a playroom with bookshelf stairs, and the kitchen also had bookshelf stairs. The walls were strawberries in the kitchen with apple floors. On the second floor, there were banana walls and banana floors. The napping room had a black star roof.

Monday, January 11, 2021

New Year 2021, Same Homeschool

We have pretty much the same routine for Homeschool in 2021.

For January, our affirmation is "I'm Amazing and a Success!" and we've started our new book for scriptures, Doctrine & Covenants Family Reader. I love this because it has it narrowed down to a specific set of scriptures to focus on along with several questions to ask pertain to that set of scriptures. Each page of scriptures and questions can take 5 minutes which is great to expose the kids to the words and language of the scriptures and then check comprehension with simple questions. 

You can always go further with activities or videos from the Come Follow Me manual, many other blogs like my favorite Home-Centered Learning that sends weekly PDFs of activity ideas to enrich the reading, and videos.

Of course with our first week back, we're keeping it low key and simple.


After our Morning Routine, the kids wrote a 1 page paper on their Winter Break. Since my oldest skipped lines, his was double sides. 

Then while I did a ton of errands today, they worked on 2 Exact Path lessons.


Exact Path or Beast Academy Pages

Art - I have a box of miscellaneous kids' craft supplies and my daughter just made whatever inspired her.

Lego - My oldest received a Lego Classic set for Christmas and enjoyed trying out some of the ideas in the book. 

In the afternoon, we tried out a new game my brother sent me for Christmas, Taco vs Burrito....another game created by a 7 year old kid. It was pretty fun, but I kept getting crushed by the Health Inspector card. I will have to check out the expansion to see if I have a better chance at winning! Super creative!


To enrich our scripture study today, I had the kids watch the Joseph Smith Story Living Scriptures video.

They then got to work on their Tinker and Doodle Crates that got behind in shipping with the holidays. 

My son is working on the Motorcycle Tinker Crate.

Can you spot the smiley face she made in the paint below?

We made Chocolate Zucchini cupcakes with Peanut Butter frosting, a favorite between my daughter and I. Hers without the frosting. We have our neighbor who doubts its goodness because of the zucchini so we made it for her family. The kids made it all by themselves. My daughter just had to be reminded to not cancel the cooking and just the timer so our first batch wasn't cooked through. The next batches were great. We doubled the recipe and ended up with over 90 cupcakes. We'll freeze most of them for later. 

The kids also had to do the dishes before and after we started along with clean the table. They also had to take out all the ingredients. I just sit at the computer reading off the recipe for them =D

We finished up the week with some Night Zookeeper and lots more cleaning of the basement and finished putting the Christmas decor away.