Monday, March 27, 2017

108th Mommy Mondays - St. Patrick's Day Hunt & Announcement

I was so excited for today!!! I've been thinking about it for a week!!! Eeek!!!

Read about all the excitement on St. Patrick's Day 2017

My husband was able to get the day off. My photo-op time for FanX changed to a little earlier so we figured we'd pick the kids up around 1:40 and head straight to the train. Because of that we decided to tell the kids this morning with their St. Patrick's Day hunt.

Here's a link to the video. They are so funny!

Yup we're pregnant! #3
I made the video because my mom wanted a video to show family while they were in the Philippines. They don't have the best connection so video on FB was the most creative way I could tell them. I'm glad the kids are excited. 

Once we got to the last line, one of the guys noticed my shirt and thought that was cool =) (I was wearing Babe with the Power ---- from the movie, Labyrinth)
Once we got to the area and I saw him taking pictures with other people was when I got most excited. Luckily everything worked out and they let us use our signs. I just asked Zachary Levi if he could help us and he took the sign, read it and said Congratulations. We got the kids in better positions with his help. Both the kids were touched by Zachary Levi!!! Then we took our picture....and he asked if this was our announcement. I said yes and he said that's awesome! I told him Thank you and we left. I was so excited about our picture. I ordered a digital copy too since it was only $10.

In case it's hard to read the signs....
Zachary Levi's: They're pregnant! "I'm not freaking out. Are you freaking out?" (Tangled Quote)
Mine: Doing my best not to Freak Out. Baby Nelson #3 Due October 5, 2017
Hubby's: Not Freaking Out. Baby's 1st FanX
Son's: Excited!!! (oh well that he wasn't really smiling)
Daughter's: Yay!!!

I am so impressed with how well the kids did in the less than 1 minute we had to pose for the picture. So happy! Best day this year!

My soon to be FB Cover Photo =D when everyone gets to know.

This was planned =). We've always been inspired when to have our kids. Heavenly Father luckily gave me a couple months to get used to the idea of having another (because I'm kinda freaking out for those who are familiar with my struggles with my mental health after having my daughter in 2011 and the fact I've pretty much sold all our big baby items in our last 2 moves)....especially since my daughter and this one will almost be 6.5 years apart!

What are some creative ways you announced your pregnancy?
With our first we just e-mailed the ultrasound picture. With our 2nd we did a shirt for our oldest and mailed our cards. This one will be hard to beat if we decide to have a number 4.

Monday, January 30, 2017

107th Mommy Mondays - Scripture Stackers & GIVEAWAY!

Sisters, Melissa and Betsey, joined together to create Scripture Stackers after realizing how much time their children spent playing with Legos. They wanted to create a toy that would help their children's love of the scriptures grow as they played.  
Scripture Stackers BUILD: Faith, Character and Knowledge all while you play!!
The blocks ARE compatible with other brands!
The products they have available: 2 Large Sets and 6 Figure Sets

*The Nativity Scene is 140 pieces and depicts the story from Luke chapter 2 in the New Testament of the birth of Jesus.  This fun set includes 2 animals, 6 figures and baby Jesus. 

*A set of 6 assorted figures from the Old Testament.  They include: Moses and the burning bush, Noah, King Solomon with his throne, Goliath, Joseph and the multicolored coat, and baby Moses with his mother Jochebed.  Each figure come with a fun accessory.

Many of my fans know I am LDS or a Mormon so I was super excited to see them have a character from the Book of Mormon. 
*The Nephi & the Broken Bow set depicts the story from The Book of Mormon about Nephi and his family hunting in the wilderness. It includes a Liahona!  It has 150 Pieces and comes with a collectors card with a summary of the story and the scripture reference. 


Their website is  They are offering a 20% off code to any of my readers.  LOVE20

They started with a Kickstarter campaign last year so I ordered a couple of sets for Christmas for my children. My daughter was super excited to build her Nativity Set immediately. We chose to give her that one because it had a baby in it =) We had a fun time putting it together. The directions were pretty simple to follow. The pieces are durable, and they were easy to snap together unlike other non-Lego pieces we've used in the past. I love having sets that focus on Christian principles as a teaching tool for my children. I think now that my children are older, 5 and 8, we will have them build this Nativity Set as we read from Luke 2 each Christmas Eve. Before we just had them play with a nativity set, but how fun for them to build and be a little more challenged. As we read our scriptures with our children and have FHE, we are excited to use some of our figures and sets to help our children understand these stories better.
Our Picnic Tree has been so kind to work with. You can feel their passion for their products through their e-mails and FB messages.

My son and I have my plans to build the Nephi's bow set this week so stay tuned for pictures on my FB page for that. He loves bows and arrows. He has many of them =D. 

They are giving away a set of the 6 assorted figures to 2 of my fans!
They were going to let me keep one, but since I already purchased these for my kids, I wanted my readers to win =D The giveaway is on my Facebook Page, Crafty Mommy Diva & Scrappy Gifts.

One of the entries is to comment here on this post with your child's favorite scripture story. 

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Welcome Original Thinkers

I was given this short fun personality quiz called the Welcome Original Thinkers:

Kimberly-Clark thrives on original thinking and has launched a new recruitment campaign, “Welcome Original Thinkers,” to find great talent.

I'd love to know what kind of Original Thinker you are in the comments below.

Apparently I'm a Nonconformist =D
This reminds me of my friend's birthday party in 2nd or 3rd grade. We got to paint these ceramic unicorns and had 2 choices for colors. All the birthday girls' friends picked this one color....I think it was a peachy color. Her younger sister picked this purple color. When it was all done and dry, we all loved the younger sister's color better. From that day I "vowed" to not do the same as everyone else. If there's a a project we're supposed to copy, I always try to tweak it some way to fit my style.=D

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

32nd Wellness Wednesdays - Aromatherapy Lockets

I was able to review an Aromatherapy Locket from my friend Jessica at Moore Custom Jewelry

I love how simple this was to use and the felt pads lasted for over a week. I love using my essential oils, and this is a great way to use them so I can benefit from the aromatically.

Jessica has several of these to choose from with pretty and fun designs. I love that you can choose from the metal chain or the black chain. Seeing as my daughter loves to play with the oils and my jewelry, the metal chain ended up breaking with my 5 year old. So if you have young children, you might prefer the black chain.

Hopefully in the future she gets some gold lockets as well. Since I've been doing Dressing your Truth, I'm a Type 1, I would love a bright gold locket. I might just paint this one with some gold nail polish at its affordable prices though.

If you use essential oils and need to benefit from the more aromatically (especially to uplift your moods and balance emotions), check out her lockets on her Facebook Page. Jessica is friendly and super easy to work with.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

31st Wellness Wednesdays - Meet Meghan Stolp

Meet Meghan - a fearless fighter of anxiety, panic disorder, depression, and ADHD.

PHOTOGRAPHY BY // Martha Keyes

 "If I had to say one thing to anyone that was going through what I do, it is possible to overcome it. While it may never go away completely, it is possible to be happy and to live life in a normal way -- no matter what other people say, no matter what labels you may feel like you put on it. You're still a person."

Her Blog, My Journey to Healing, has many inspirational posts. I just love her quotes on her side bar. 

One of her posts, No Longer Living in a Misconception, was a great reminder to me. She shares,

(Google) defines the word selfish as: lacking consideration for others; concerned chiefly with one's own personal profit or pleasure.” Note that nowhere in that definition did it say that to do what is best for us personally is a selfish thing. Being selfish is when you are so self-consumed that you don’t care how it affects anyone else around you.

Thank you Meghan for sharing your story. It was amazing to work with you <3 font="">

Wednesday, December 2, 2015

30th Wellness Wednesdays - A WAHM with Depression

Tips for other WAHM (work at home moms) with depression
Trying to do it all like I sometimes try to do? Feeling pulled every which way. Guess what you can't do it all and it's okay! Here are some tips to try to focus on what you want most and get the support you need to reach your goals.

1. Support from Spouse (or Family & Friends)
Sometimes you just need to vent to hear it out loud and then move on. I've told my husband this and when I say something that he can just reply back, "That must have been frustrating" or something to that effect. Now when he says it to me, I smile knowing that he understands and can move on. I'm so grateful for his support especially this past year.

2. Time Blocking or Designated Days
I learned this tip from some of my leaders at a training. Schedule your week out having set times to do things: chores, time with family, business activities, self-care, church responsibilities, etc. Then stick to those times unless it's an emergency!
This past year I was called to be the president of a women's organization within my church in a very high needs ward. So sticking to my time blocking has been helpful in not making feel so stressed out. If my time right now is blogging, and someone from church calls (I use a Google Voice number just for church calls), then I only answer if they leave a message saying it's an emergency. I have found that people aren't as in a hurry as they want us to think.

That is why I'm super excited for the Erin Condren planner new hourly weekly layout! I have this on my wish list so I can take my time blocking and other planner stuff on the go =) Right now it's just on my bulletin board by my computer.
 "He who gains TIME, gains everything..." -Benjamin Disroeli

For those with young kids at home, you might have to do smaller increments of time like 15-30 minutes. I've tried to play with my kids for 15-30 minutes and then tell them mommy has to work for 30 minutes next. Having set days for things also might be helpful. Since a lot of my business is currently on FB and Wednesdays aren't the best days for sharing on FB, I try and designate most of the day Wednesdays (and part of Saturdays) for cleaning: laundry, floors, counters, big organization jobs, etc. Yes my house can look crazy the rest of the week, but I'm not great at cleaning so this works for me otherwise again I can feel like I'm pulled in too many directions, get stressed out which can trigger my depression and then I all I want to do is lay in bed hiding out.

3. Focus on Strengths
Cleaning is not my strength, but organizing is so I'm much happier doing that more often ---- that's why major cleaning is only one day a week for me. Don't worry my husband is an awesome cleaner so he helps the other days if needed =)
Business wise, social media comes naturally to me so I do most of my business on there to help spread my business nation wide, not just locally.
To learn more about your strengths and putting energy into that, then sourcing out for your weaknesses when you can, read The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks. I get so much more done when I focus on my strengths than my weaknesses.
If you really want a weakness to be a strength, then find a mentor and ask them how they do it ----great tip I just read recently from a personal development book I'm reading, The Success Principles by Jack Canfield. Be willing to be educated so that it can become a strength faster....or you might learn that you don't enjoy it like you thought you would. Yes you could learn how to do everything by yourself, but that's not very effective.

4. Personal Development Books
Motivational books that help me understand and develop myself more so I can continue to grow in all areas of my life. I mentioned two in my #3 tip. Reading just 10 minutes a day can help you grow exponentially. Ideas form for me from reading and also help me to help others in my business and in my church responsibilities.
One of my favorite personal development books is The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson.  Reading that helped me to know that the little things I do matter and will make a difference in time as long as I am consistent. Too many times, people quit right away because something doesn't work out. I've found if you keep going especially in something you love, you'll learn and grow and find what works for you as long as you're consistent in it. It's all about one step at a time and added together compound exponentially.

5. Self Care
 For me this includes proper nutrition, eating right. I love 100 Days of Real Food's ideas on nutrition. For me I use essential oils and essential vitamins and supplements to keep me focused, motivated and energized each day. When I don't do this, my day tends to drag and I get irritable easier.
Other parts of self-care for me include yoga, meditation, joyful breathing, reading, praying, journaling, something from my joy list: crafting, dates with my husband, etc. I try to pick 1-2 of these each day. Life is so  busy and you need time block this as well. When I get my self-care in, everything else tends to fall more into place.

 What tips do you have to share as a WAHM especially when people ask how do you do it?