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Monday, April 21, 2014

100th Mommy Mondays - Scary Moments with your Kids Spotlight

I asked this question to some local ladies about a month ago, after we thought my 5 year old son might need surgery.

What things have scared you that happened with your kids?

Here's one mom's story after giving birth to her second child.

**Slightly graphic images**


"My labor and delivery was super rough. The doctors even called a McRoberts which come to find out later means they are stuck. Luckily I was able to push him out. The doctor said his head and shoulders came out at the same time. The doctor thought he had a clef pallet (thankfully once again nope). He was misshapen really bad from the delivery and I wasn't able to see him for almost 2 hours after he was born. Then I tried to nurse and he wouldn't latch on right. The nurse tried to help but there were some issues so she brought a NICU nurse up to try to figure it out. He ended up having a high pallet and issues and swelling from the delivery. He even ended up with a blister on his nose.

When they went to go to get the NICU nurse my husband sat in the corner crying holding our son. I kept saying "Honey everything will be fine (of course I didn't see him when he looked his worse but, my husband did)." I asked him what he was thinking and he just said "I am scared something is seriously wrong with him." Later he said that he thought we would have a child with serious mental and physical disabilities. Thankfully he is fine today. 


Monday, April 14, 2014

99th Mommy Mondays - Just a Touch of Crazy

Today I'm guest posting over at Just a Touch of Crazy, a new mom blog from my friend and her SIL. It's hilarious! I feel so much better about dealing with my kids every time I read their blog posts.

Just a Touch of Crazy

Check out my crazy mommy moment over there!

Monday, April 7, 2014

98th Mommy Mondays - Scary Moments with Kids

What things have scared you that happened with your kids? #MommyMondays

Yay my son doesn't need surgery (as long it doesn't come back). He had a 4 cm swollen lymph node sticking out of neck. After 3 check ups with the specialist, it has continued to go down. What a relief!
He's had stitches right before he turned 4 and then had to fix his circumcision as a toddler so he's not been fond of the doctors so I'm grateful he doesn't need to go through surgery.

I asked this question to some local ladies about a month ago, after we thought my 5 year old son might need surgery.

What things have scared you that happened with your kids? I'd love to hear your answers in the comments or e-mail me your story to include in a future Mommy Mondays.

Jessica --- "My son had to go to Primary Children's to have a cat scan of his head. He has Benign external hydrocephalus--ie extra fluid in the brain. It was a really scary time for us but we were so glad that he didn't have a tumor or something that needed a shunt. This same child has been in the hospital 3 times in his little 1 year old life."

Cassie --- I had a little 14 month old who had to go in for surgery to remove a cyst on her neck. It was one of the hardest things I have ever done, to carry my baby to the doors of the operation hall and hand her over to a nurse. Especially when she looked back at me and cryed. But she was okay and recovered super fast. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

137th Fashionable Fridays - Hot Pink, Yellow with Sky Blue

After the library, we changed to casual clothes. Aly Willis Photography is awesome!

Blue Button Up - Old Navy
Jeans - Old Navy

Fedora - thrifted
Pink Cardi - Old Navy?
Yellow Top - Wal-mart
Jeans - Kohls
Shoes - thrifted

Doesn't feel like November in these photos with our bright colors. 

Goofing around

This car has been with us through dating and marriage.
A note on this car, Mike bought it shortly after we were officially dating and after his mission so through our dating years, engagement, wedding, IL to ID, 3 homes, 2 kids, and now almost 9 years of marriage.

Friday, March 7, 2014

136th Fashionable Fridays - Library

More photos of our Couple's Photoshoot with Aly Willis Photography

These were fun and at our local library.

If we ever have a big house with our own library, I'm totally putting this picture in there.

Yeah my husband is pretty tall! =)

Friday, February 28, 2014

135th Fashionable Fridays - Coral, Brown, and Khaki with Olive and Black

My husband and I had the opportunity to take couple photos with one of our favorite photographers, Aly Willis Photography.

We did a date theme where we went to our favorite locations together.

Kiwi Loco, Cocoa Bean, Library

These ones were near the Cocoa Bean

Olive Suit - Men's Warehouse ---- I love this color on him!
Black Button Up - Old Navy

Brown Dress - Downeast?
Coral Pin - Paparazzi
Necklace - my mom
Wedges - Zulily
Khaki Jacket - Old Navy
Belt - Sexy Modest Boutique

Copying our dating dance photos

These are my absolutely favorite. I can really see the love from my husband. I will definitely be looking at this photo many times. Thank you Aly for capturing this! He was the most at ease I've ever seen him for a photo shoot!

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