Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Cricut vs Silhouette - HELP!

All you craft people, Cricut or Silhouette?
I hear the Cricut Expression is the best of the Cricut machines, but how do the cheaper Cricuts compare? Then comparing all the Cricuts with the Silhouette?

All I have about the Cricut is info that my friends love it, but not sure yet that it's better than the Cricut.
I like that the Silhouette is cheaper and you don't have to use cartridges. So any information would be helpful!!!

Info I have about the Cricut from friends -
Tina Marie: i LOOOOOOOOOOOOVE My cricut expression!!! Best gift I've ever received!!

Yesterday at 1:34pm · Courtney: Splurging for the cricut is totally worth it!

Yesterday at 2:48pm · Nantalie: I love my little cricut. I just want the add on, that makes it so you can use fonts and shapes from your computer, instead of having to buy cartridges. I am also interested in what you find out here. Good questions!

Yesterday at 4:11pm · Tina Marie: you can download free software to use the cricut from your computer instead of paying for it and you get TONS of fonts and shapes...
Yesterday at 4:48pm · Rachel: I have a smaller cricut and I would LOVE to find out how to download software to save me $ on the cartridges!
Danielle: Go with the Cricut. The cheaper ones only differ from how big you can cut up to.
Info I have about the Silhouette from a site:
How are they alike?
They're alike in many ways actually. They're both personal digital cutting machines that work very much like home printers. Except instead of printing, they cut. However, both machines can use pens instead of blades to draw the image if you don't want it cut out. Both the Silhouette SD and the Cricut Expression can cut fonts as well as pictures. They are both very portable and can be taken to scrapbook parties. Both machines can cut many different kinds of materials including paper, card stock, and vinyl.
Reasons to buy the Silhouette
1. Price
"The Silhouette SD is loads cheaper. The Cricut Expression is regularly $499.99. However, Amazon has it for $292.03. The Silhouette SD is regularly priced at $299.99. But Amazon has it regularly priced at $199.99 but sometimes you can get it cheaper there."

2. No Cartridges Required
The Silhouette SD doesn't require cartridges! Let me say that again, no cartridges required! With the Cricuit Expression, you have to use cartridges. Each set of designs requires its own cartridge. These cartridges are expensive! TheSilhouette SD connects to your computer (or you can use the on-board SD card reader) so it'll cut almost anything you ask it to!

3. Cut using ANY font on your computer
The Silhouette SD comes with an installation CD for your PC. As soon as the software is installed on your computer, you can immediately start cutting any font you have! That right there is worth hundreds of dollars in Cricut cartridges, except you can cut other things on your computer also!

4. Individual Designs for $1.99 each
The Silhouette SD has an online design store. If there's something specific you're looking for, chances are, it's in the Silhouette store. You can purchase individual designs for $1.99. With the Cricut Expression, you have to buy the designs in big groups that come on a cartridge. So if you don't need all the designs on the cartridge, you still have to pay that terribly high price for the whole cartridge. With theSilhouette SD, you can buy individual designs or, if you think you'll be doing a lot of downloading, they also have an unlimited subscription.

5. Cut out clipart or other printable images
The Silhouette SD is not limited to cutting out solid shapes. It can also cut out images and clip art. If you have a graphic or clipart on your computer that you want to print and cut out, why not let theSilhouette SD cut it out for you? All you have to do is open the image you want to print in the Silhouette software. Get it all lined up the way you want it and print it out. When the Silhouette software prints the image, it prints it with little tick marks outside the image. This tells the Silhouette SD how to get lined up and where to start cutting. You'll never see these tick marks on the cut out and you'll be so impressed with the accuracy of the cutting theSilhouette SD makes.

Less Accessories Required
This might be a minor detail to some people, but there's less little accessories you need to store, transport, and keep track of with theSilhouette SD. There's no cartridges or funny keypad overlays, you can keep all your designs organized in the Silhouette software on your PC. Overall, the Silhouette SD is 5 times better than the Cricut Expression.
Another Comparison between the two can be found here:  Ultimately she'd go with the Silhouette SD as well.... I'm pretty good with the computer so the Silhouette wouldn't be a problem.

Another comparison here:  Silhouette doesn't cut 12x12 paper - it can do up to 9x40 though.... then people are worried about copyright images when selling their stuff that used the Cricut

Here's a great Chart Comparison here: I didn't realize how heavy the Cricut Expressions is!

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Kimberly said...

I have the Cricut Expressions (got it on eBay for $210 from one of their top-rated sellers... you can trust 'em), and I LOVE IT. The only downside - it's expensive, and in order to make anything, you have to have individual cartridges. I'm lucky that I can share with friends, but they're expensive. I also get those on eBay for sometimes as little as $15. You just have to be stealthy to get good ones at good prices. Wal-Mart and Michael's and Amazon usually sell them for $40+. I haven't spent more than $30 for one on eBay. Good luck with your decision. E-mail me at attemptingcreative at hotmail dot com if you have any questions. I'm happy to help!

Kaysi said...

Thanks for this post. I'm on the same boat as you, I want one but it's just a lot of money. I didn't even know that there was another cutting system, I guess I should probably research more. Thanks!

Shaela said...

I thought the same thing and ultimately went with the Cricut Expression. Love it because it is more versatile than the Silhouette. Also, blades are only $10-$15 for TWO as opposed to the Sil. blades which are like $40 each. Yikes. I would get the Cricut and buy Sure Cuts A Lot, because then you can cut ANY font, dingbat, etc., just like the Sil. Hope that helps!

Jessica said...

I received my Cricut Expression machine for Christmas. I was super excited that the bundle pack came with two cartridges to start me out. However, when I opened the box, the Serenade cartridge was MIA. I went to my local Wal Mart to exchange the item. The one my fiance had purchased was not an in-stock item (must have been purchased online and returned to the store). I ended up getting a Yellow model and when I went to the check out.....guess what....it was $50 cheaper than the one missing a cartridge. BONUS!!!! I was able to purchase the Seranade cartridge from Ebay at a reasonable cost. I use my Cricut all the time and I like the idea of having cartridges that have a lot of designs. This sometimes gives me inspiration and direction for my next Layout Design. I have been able to shop my local craft stores and pick up holiday cartridges at 80% off (big savings there!) All in all, I am happy with the Cricut Expression, but wouldn't quite know how to compare it to the Silhouette!

Eryn said...

I would love to hear where this free software for using fonts on my computer is online! Would save me TONS of money!

Jennifer said...

Cricut sued the folks that put out that software...they want total control of what you cut with the machine you purchase and if it does not come from them you don't need it apparently. I'm currently shopping for a cutter and I will get a Silhoutte because I don't like companies that feel they have a right to control me just because I bought their product.