Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Silhouette Giveaways

I've been dying to have one! Saving for one if I don't win - I know chances are slim of me winning one, but with so many sites giving them away - I have to try.

Wish my site was big enough that they'd give me a Silhouette to review and giveaway. Wouldn't that be the sweetest thing ever!

Of course I'd use it on scrapbooking since I own Scrappy Gifts and I'd especially use it with fonts. But it would totally help me try other crafts and decorate my home more. Here are some of my favorite downloadable designs from them too: They're blurry because I couldn't get a bigger pictures. Love the colors on these especially.


Here are all the fabulous blogs giving one away:
Southern Hospitality: (open until next Tuesday -- June 29th)
southern hospitality

oh, hello friend (giveaway ends on monday, june 28th at 8am, pst)

Tatertots and Jello (open until next Tuesday -- June 29th)
Visit tatertotsandjello.com

Thrifty Decor Chick (winner will be announced Tuesday, June 29th at noon)

Giver's Log (winner will be announced Wednesday, June 30th)

Today's Creative Blog (giveaway deadline is Saturday, June 26th at 5pm)

Southern Savers (winner will be chosen the morning of Saturday, June 26th)

Make it and Love it and How Does She were giving them away too last week.

Father's Day 2010

First the candy jar - got the idea from Love Actually - just took one of our tupperware jars. Punched out some paper stars, wrote some sweet notes on them and glue dotted them to the candy and then stuck it in the jar.
Bottle Ties - found this idea on Tip Junkie's Executive Homemaker. I didn't like their sayings so I made my own. You are the best "Pop" - get it =D. James helped color a tie and just did a simple design on another one.
This would be a cute idea for other holidays too. At Wal-mart they have Crush soda bottles too like this root beer. So you could make a tie that says "crushing on you..."
Or buy Tabasco sauce and put "You're so hot!" Fun huh!?

Keeping It SimpleMaking

Monday, June 21, 2010

5th Mommy Mondays

Found another blog that does Mommy Mondays: A Mommy's Blessings. Check her out!

Gave our son his first hair-cut this weekend - he's 18 months. Yeah James's hair didn't really start growing a lot of hair until the last couple months - I didn't want to cut until I had a decent amount for his first cut. I didn't just want a few pieces. The last week, his hair was sticking up a lot more and finally growing a little past his ears so finally his first hair-cut. Right before I cut, I was so nervous and a little sad about cutting his hair.

Before and after

It looks pretty good; still have to straighten out the back though. Didn't take too much off - more evened out his hair - he had some really long pieces like 1-1.5 longer than the rest of his hair. He wouldn't do clippers with my husband so I did scissors while he was distracted. Next time I think we'll just hold him down and have my husband do the clippers so it's more even. Cutting hair while your child's head is moving a lot could be very bad.
Maybe I should have just done what my parents did to me when I was 10 - cut his hair while he's asleep! Yes my parents cut my hair when I was asleep. Their excuse was that I said it was okay- darn talking in my sleep. I woke up the next morning, looked in the mirror and cried. The just cut my bangs - I always had my bangs in my eyes since I was trying to grow them out. I was so mad. My dad started laughing when he saw me realize what they had done.
What tips do you have for cutting your child's hair? How old were they when they had their first haircut? Did you do it or take them somewhere?

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wedding Series Blog Hop by MBC - Wedding Scrapbooks

6.18.10 Wedding Blog Hops sure are popular because Allison from O' My Family is doing one too. Weddings are so happy so I love participating. Check it out.
O My Family Blog
5.25.10 "The month of May will feature my (Memories by Christine) engagement/wedding series! I'm having 2-3 blog hops a week throughout the month so we can all share memories of our special days. Even if you aren't a scrapbooker, you can still participate! Bridesmaid and maid of honor stories are welcomed too!"

Wedding and Honeymoon Scrapbooks
Our honeymoon was pretty much non-existent. It was driving to Idaho from Illinois for college.

Wedding perfect! Here's my Wedding Scrapbook (still missing some pages though - I like to have every detail in it)
Since I missed sharing the Favorites of your Wedding Day and Wedding and Reception Details (No idea where I've been that I missed this...maybe going crazy with lack of sleep while weaning my 17 mo. old son from his pacifier), I'll share them in this post too. Let's hope my memory is good.

We were married December 31, 2004 in the Chicago LDS Temple.
Colors: silver and white with accents of green and blue

Wedding Scrapbook Cover: the tulle ribbon has been pulled off so many times from my son that technically it wasn't like that, but it still looks good.

Before we went inside the temple to be sealed for time and eternity.

Favorite Moment: Being sealed to Mike forever in the temple. Seeing ourselves in the mirror, going forever.

Coming out of the temple where family and friends were waiting for us.

 Favorite Moment: One of my favorite pictures. This a blown up picture of the both of us that I cut in half to see our faces better. I think this picture shows how much we love each other.

 December 31, 2004 in Chicago - WINDY, but surprisingly it was in the 50s! My veil was flying everywhere....pretty funny.

 Carrying me around
I love this page. This paper had die cut windows for the pictures and was embossed. I went over  the embossing with a silver pen to make it stand out and to match my colors. I have others, but I ran out of silver ink, have to buy some more to finish the other pages.

 Walking around the temple grounds trying to figure out other photo ops.

 Luncheon at the Olive Garden
Favorite Moment: I had to go to the bathroom and we passed by this little girl. She whispers to her mom, "It's a princess" Awww

I used orange in this layout because of the sunlight going through the windows and I still added some silver and white embellishments.

Reception at the Church Stake Center's Cultural Hall
Decorated in silver and white with lots of white lights and glittery snowflakes hanging
Buffet style food - totally wish I had eaten more of it!
Sparkling cider bottles and hershey kisses were spread over the tables. Fake blue and green (accent colors) flowers sparkled with silver filled vases for the centerpieces.
We had a little Christmas tree decorated with silver ornaments balls that had our names and wedding date in white for favors.
We had a DJ playing songs that reminded me of Mike while guests were arriving and eating.

 We announced our little bridal party: parents, best man and maid of honor

 Since not many can attend the temple, we had a Ring Ceremony for all our guests to share our feelings for each other.

 Toasts by my Maid of Honor and the Best Man
After the toasts, we had a slideshow video of Mike and I and then some pictures of our loved ones.

Cutting the Cake
Funny Moment: Mike gave me a large piece and let go after I took a small bite....the rest of it went down my dress. I went to the bathroom to find it in my chest.

We danced to Chicago's "You're the Inspiration"

 I danced with my dad to "Butterfly Kisses" This was the first dance I ever danced with my dad.
Mike danced with his mom to "The Reason" by Hoobastank

My maid of honor and me. Plus a couple shots of Mike and I with her and her boyfriend then (now husband-4 1/2 years later)

Favorite Moment: Our car decorated in oreos and saran wrap...loved the one window that said "From here to Maternity" Right after the reception, Mike drove to the car wash, so anal - he's a lot better now.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Crafty Goals 2010

Fashionable Fridays #12

Found this great article through Disney's Family.com

5 Fashion Tips for Moms!
How to be fashionable even when you're juggling a career and baby
By Trina Gupta

Whether you have a new-born, a toddler or older children, the one common element that all moms share is an overwhelming lack of time. If on top of raising children you're juggling a career, chances are you barely have time to breathe and fashion/style can very easily fall by the wayside. Who has time to think about fashion you might ask? The good news is that looking great is possible despite the draining schedule and numerous demands on your time. Follow these 5 easy tips to look and feel great, and free yourself up to be a beautiful, happy mom!

1. Fit is still important! Even if you are carrying some post-pregnancy weight that you plan to lose soon, don't let drowning yourself in clothes that are too large be the solution. Too much fabric can actually make you look heavier. Instead, opt for clothes that skim your shape without being too form-fitting.
This has been the hardest one for me. After you have a baby - it takes time to lose the weight. It took me about 9-10 months to lose the all the weight. Then I ended up losing extra so all my pants were falling off. Then I gained it all back after I was done nursing so now my pants all feel too tight around the waist especially. Blah. Then pretty soon I'll probably get pregnant again. So that's like 5 different sizes I'm in. Then I'm shopping for like 3 mini warddrobes, maternity one and my normal warddrobe. Plus you have to keep all those clothes for when the next baby comes. Never ending cycle.

 2. Buy/wear fabrics that breathe well, are comfortable and most importantly, are washable. Cotton tunics, straight or boot cut jeans, light dresses and cardigans are excellent choices for stylist mom's wardrobe. Matte-jersey, particularly a heavier-weight jersey, is a fantastic choice for both at home and going out. A jersey dress for example, is easy to dress up, layer over and easy to move around in. It's also relative inexpensive!
I need to look into more jersey fabrics because they don't wrinkle!

 3. Choose comfortable but stylish footwear. Avoid plain, ratty sneakers and go for chic ballet flats, trendy sneakers, and gladiator flats if you're in warm weather. Look for brands like Cole Haan, which offer fashionable shoes with comfort soles. If you're uncomfortable giving up heels altogether, go with a one or two-inch platform slide or low pumps but be sure that the heel height is no more than 2" to avoid giving yourself lower-back pain.
Here my shoes. I wear the black flats a little too much. I guess I should search for new ones. I bought these for like $8 several years ago; super comfortable. Not all flats on me are comfortable.

4. Use accessories to create unique and stylish looks without investing in a lot of money. Scarves, belts, handbags, hats and of course, jewelry are all great ways to keep your look trendy without spending too much money. And this year's bold jewelry and bright colors will make it easy to mix up your look with minimal effort. Loosely drape a thin bright scarf over a neutral t-shirt and dark jeans and you'll get through the day in style!
A lot of my long necklaces are broken thanks to my son.....I love long necklaces - so easy to make an outfit and add interest.
Here are some ideas I tried with a scarf. The blue, orange and brown one actually came as a belt to one of my capris.
What do you think of it around the waist? Silly/weird? Not sure if I'd really wear it like that or not.

Here are scarf ways of wearing it. I also have worn these in my hair.

 5. If you have an infant and need to carry a diaper bag, pick one that will complement your wardrobe. Any bag can work as a diaper bag as long as it has enough space and compartments to carry all the necessities. Pick a bag that's roomy, made of a durable and easy-to-clean material (like nylon) and try to stay with a monochromatic rather than a printed or multicolored bag. A monochromatic bag in a neutral color like black, brown, charcoal grey is an excellent choice for a diaper bag and will go with any outfit you have on and keep you looking pulled together.
I absolutely love my diaper bag. I'll try and remember to take a picture with it.

 Trina Gupta is an L.A. based fashion stylist and personal wardrobe consultant. Find her online at www.petitestylestudio.com

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Organizing Tip

Does the summer air make you want to deep clean, declutter, and organize too? It sure makes me get into cleaning spurts. I love opening my windows to let the sunshine in and the warm air.

One of the things I cleaned out was my bathroom drawer.

Here's what it looked like before. Lots of my hair and make-up in it.

I saw these little organizing trays in the school supply/paper section of Wal-mart and the idea came to me. Technically they're used for student's desks, but I figured they'd be great for my bathroom drawers! I thought only one would fit in my drawer, but luckily two did. Sweet! They were about $3.50 each.

So here's my drawer now with the things I use the most often.

Wish they had some deeper ones so I could do my other bathroom drawers. I guess I could always get a bunch of those little baskets....
After all that cleaning, the same summer air makes me so sleepy. Especially if I go to read outside with a book.

Any organizing tips or blog posts you have to share? I love ideas for my future house.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

More Luckiness!

So I keep forgetting to post this to share with you how you can win giveaways too! These are all the giveaways/contests I've won in the last 6 months - total of 18. Pretty sweet huh!
Typically I only enter giveaways that have less than 100 comments on them because then I feel like I have a decent shot at them. Some giveaways require you to do/make something which are fun to try.
Most blogs/sites just want people to enter their giveaways so they get more exposure for their blog. That's another reason I enter a lot of low commented giveaways because I feel bad that not many have entered so I try to spread the word about their site and giveaway. Because I'm in the same boat often. I feel like I have to beg people to enter my giveaways.
Even if you don't personally want/need the item being given away, I'm sure there's someone else that would love it. I've given a couple of friends some of my "extra" stuff and they are so grateful!
Most giveaways too have many ways to enter. Plus it's not hard to enter especially when they don't have word verification up. When that's up, it does take too much time to enter more than one entry.
Check my Facebook Fan Page for info about some low entry giveaways going on and enter them! You could be as lucky as me! You never know if you don't try!

Forever and a Day - 3 Hats of my choice! (1/4/10) I chose all 3 to be the style below except one with pink instead of blue

won 6 silhouette ornaments from Fabric Creations on Somewhat Simple's 12 Giveaways of Christmas (1/4/10)

Sweetie Pie Bakery Giveaway on Cherry Blossoms (2/12/10)

Sweet Love Valentine’s Day Collection of printables from The TomKat Studio on The Shopping Mama

Tooth Fairy Pillow from Baby Paige on Smile a Day Giveaways (2/13/10)

American Idol Kids Tent from CSN Stores on Smile a Day Giveaways (2/13/10)

HALO Early Walker SleepSack on Just for Me and You (2/15/10)
Yup it has feet holes so they can walk with their sleepsack. This one is 12-18 months but it is super huge!!! I tied it in the back with my ponytails so that he could walk in it. He's 15 months and he's the right weight and height for it - oh well it will be great when he's older.

2nd Place (children's books and 20% coupon) in the Valentine's Day Box Contest at Cedar Fort Books

ScrapJunkie tote from The Scrap Shoppe (2/18/10)

Border Punch from Yellow Umbrella Designs for participating in her Weekly  Layout Challenge (3/15/10)

Blue Easter Bunny Canvas from The Preppy Pink Olive (3/16/10)

Child's Belt of my choosing from One Little Belt at Someday Crafts. (3/23/10)

$20 Fancy Pants Gift Certificate at Life as Lori (4/2/10)

Words in a Word Game (how many words can you think of from the words: Spring Fling - I think I had about 140) and Bonus Challenge (see picture below of my entry) at Scrap For a Cure's Spring Fling. (4/12/10)

Yummy Sugar Cookies (bought from The Chocolate, a Dessert Cafe) from Craving Chocolate and Lazy Days (4/17/10)

EconoME program-(teacher program that helps teach kids how to budget and real life stuff) at How Does She (4/20/10)

Scrapbook Stuff from Heart Sparrow for helping choose colors for her header. (4/21/10)

H.O.T. Challenge on Pampering Divas' Online Crop at Creative Scrapbooking Divas (6/10/10)

$10 Stash Cash to spend here from The Scrappiest (6/12/10)