Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Dragonball Z Birthday

For my son's 2nd birthday last year! - we did a DragonBall Z themed birthday.

Here's the invite I made:

During the day, I took some nicer pictures of him since we didn't have money to do professional ones. I think they turned out pretty well.

Then I worked on his cake(s). I made chocolate cupcakes into the shape of the dragon, Shenron from the show. This was my first time attempting cool cakes for a birthday. For his 1st birthday, we had money to pay someone to make his cake. I tried at least- some people thought it was a caterpillar! I was running out of green frosting too so that was difficult! With mini cupcakes, I made most of the dragon balls. Then with one round cake, I did the 2 Dragon Ball for him.

I made a door sign for people to come in. (this picture was taken a couple days after the party thus the shrunken balloons)

We ate homemade pizza and then played some games.
One was Pin the Tail on Goku. If you know the Dragon Ball series, you'll know understand why we played this =D
I had prizes for the kids and then Restaurant.com certificates (on sale for $2 each!!) as prizes for the adults.

We opened presents next because lots of people had to leave early for a meeting at church. Typically I do presents after cake. I brought our kids' picnic table out front so kids could eat there, and we ended up having the presents there too.

Then seeing that we still had time, we sung to the birthday boy. =D

Here's just a little bit of the decor - it was hard finding the colors I wanted. I did green and yellow with orange balloons, but I wanted to add more colored balloons too.

This year for my son's 3rd Birthday Party, we're doing a Ghostbusters theme! My little guy loves looking for Ghosts ever since my husband introduced the movies to him. I thought he'd be scared, but he's not.

Thanks to winning a giveaway from PickleDoodle Designs over at Crafting and Creativity, I have some awesome Ghostbusters printables. Here's a look at the invitation PickleDoodle Designs created for me! Both my son and I were super excited when she sent us the finished product. She also created Subway Art, Thank You's, and a Door Sign for me too. You'll have to wait to see pictures after his party on the 30th =D

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Sarah said...

The invites turned out so awesome!! Can't wait to see the rest of his party- so fun! :)

Rachel said...

How fun! My brother used to watch that show all the time. You have such creative ideas :)

The Zoo Keeper said...

LOVE the cupcake masterpiece!!! Great job!!! Looks like he had a great birthday!!! Problem is, next year you have to top it! LOL

bcriminger said...

Wow! Love it all!!!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

I am way impressed with that cupcake "cake" what a fun idea and since they are cupcakes you don't have to cut them and they're already portioned.

Tammy D said...

I love the dragon cake! great job!

Yvonne said...

Adorable! I'm thinking of doing this for either my soon to be 33 year old son or his soon to 32 year old best friend. These two turned me on to Dragon Ball a few years ago. May you enjoy the many fun years of your son's childhood.

Yvonne said...

Awesome! I may use this idea for my son or his best friend who are devote Dragon Ball fans and have now I, too, am. Mind you, they will be 33 and 32 respectively but they will enjoy it all the same! Thanks for the great idea.

michelle perez said...

Love this. My husband has some of the complete seasons on dvd and our now 5yr daughter loves the show. This will be her bday theme for her 6th bday.

Crafty Mommy Diva said...

Thanks everyone for the comments! I'd love to see pictures for those that do their own DragonBall Z parties =)
My husband now really likes the show One Punch Man, if anyone is looking for a new anime to watch. Haven't determined yet if it's suitable for kids. It's on Hulu.