Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Baby Sprinkle

One of my friends was having her 2nd baby and it's another boy so I asked her if she would like a Baby Sprinkle - a smaller version of a baby shower where you get mostly diapers and other things you don't have for baby 2. She was excited about the idea so I quickly put a Baby Sprinkle for her together since she's due October 22nd! (She had her baby Friday, October 15th.) We talked about this the end of September!
After throwing this together, I realized this was my first baby event that I hosted. Not sure how other Baby Sprinkles go either, but I thought the whole thing went pretty well. Just next time put the date on the first set of invites!!! =D Oops on my part. I blame my pregnancy - seriously where does your brain go!?

Here's the invitation I made. I took pieces of different wording from different invites I found online. The last line of the poem, I made up myself =D
She really likes the color purple so I coordinated that color with her invite along with boy colors. I made a couple variations of the invite some with gray background, some with blue background and others also had different diaper sizes to bring.

First we ate some food that I made: Banana Cake with choice of Lemon Frosting or Cream Cheese Frosting (Lemon tastes super good - you'd be surprised!), Lemon Cherry Coffee Cake (no there's no coffee in it; that's what they call it since people eat with coffee) and we drank pink lemonade.

We played some little party games that I found at the Dollar Store. They were quick little ones as a time filler.

One was just Take a Guess on when the baby would be born and how big he will be.
The others were Finish the Rhyme, TV and Movie Kids, and Name Meanings. None of these games I had played before so I thought it would be pretty fair. (I've been to so many baby showers that I've become really good at the games and usually always win at least one prize =D).

I didn't really decorate either since it was at her house, just brought some balloons. One that said It's a Boy and 2 white star balloons.

Has anyone else hosted a baby shower or baby sprinkle? I'd love to see other ideas. I have lots of pregnant friends right now!

4 crafty contributions:

Anonymous said...

I blogger friend of mine just hosted a shower for her sister.
I love the theme & colors her sis came up with:

I'd never heard of a baby sprinkle, but that sounds like a great idea for a 2nd or later child!

Katie's Nesting Spot said...

What a fun idea, I've never heard of one of these! Everyone can use diapers and stuff like that, such a nice way to congratulate another new baby.

Cheryl said...

I love this invitation! Any chance you have a template of it still?

Scrappy Gifts said...

Cheryl, I made this digitally so I still have it. Please e-mail me at

ScrappyDiva2129 at yahoo dot com

for more information.