Friday, February 28, 2014

135th Fashionable Fridays - Coral, Brown, and Khaki with Olive and Black

My husband and I had the opportunity to take couple photos with one of our favorite photographers, Aly Willis Photography.

We did a date theme where we went to our favorite locations together.

Kiwi Loco, Cocoa Bean, Library

These ones were near the Cocoa Bean

Olive Suit - Men's Warehouse ---- I love this color on him!
Black Button Up - Old Navy

Brown Dress - Downeast?
Coral Pin - Paparazzi
Necklace - my mom
Wedges - Zulily
Khaki Jacket - Old Navy
Belt - Sexy Modest Boutique

Copying our dating dance photos

These are my absolutely favorite. I can really see the love from my husband. I will definitely be looking at this photo many times. Thank you Aly for capturing this! He was the most at ease I've ever seen him for a photo shoot!

Friday, February 21, 2014

134th Fashionable Fridays - Coral and Grey

For those who are afraid to go all out with latest fashions, it's easy to try and pop of color on the bottom and a neutral on top.

Coral Maxi - The Nest on Main - super sale
White Tank - Clothing Swap
Grey Cardi - Clothing Swap
Flower Rosettes Clip

I was wearing a coral and cream beaded and metal necklace from Paparazzi, but it broke on me so I'll have to fix it again.

Monday, February 17, 2014

97th Mommy Mondays - Diet Change for a Mom and her Baby

Meet Chelsea, a new mom who now works from home with Plexus 


My baby is 7 months old and is super active. I was having some serious issues with introducing solids to her. I was at my wits end after trying for 2 months to get her to take solids without having stomach issues. I had her tested for allergies, and they came up negative. I was also over having a strict diet since I was breastfeeding. I tried switching her to formula with horrible results, no matter which brand she ate. That’s when I heard about Plexus. Plexus is an all-natural drink mix that was designed to help with regulating blood sugar, cholesterol and lipids levels and produces some amazing weight loss results. People were also able to get off of their medications, lose weight, and had more energy. I was skeptical about starting the drink (since I really didn’t need to lose weight) but with a 60-day money back guarantee, I figured at the worst, I’d just try it and then get my money back. I really wanted to try the drink to see if it would help my daughter with her digestive problems. 

Low and behold after just 6 days, she was eating solid foods with no problems!!! Not only that but I lost a couple pounds. My daughter is happier and healthier. I have more energy, and my clothes are fitting so much better. 

I decided to sell Plexus to help my family and friends get healthier and after just a few orders I am proud to say that was able to pay for my husband's books for school and still have some money leftover for bills!!! The best part about starting my new job was the hours!!! I only put a few posts on Facebook a day, and people ask and order. Not only that but I don’t have to carry an inventory, and my business is completely online so anyone can order anywhere in the world!! The company is world wide with the ability to ship to several other countries. I can’t believe that such a wonderful blessing has come into my life, and I want to share it with everyone!! My life has been so blessed by this business and product!! 
Visit for more details!!


Thanks Chelsea. It is always a challenge to get your kids to eat. Glad you found something that worked for you and found something to supplement your income.
My kids never ate baby food; they just skipped right to solid foods.

Friday, February 14, 2014

133rd Fashionable Fridays - Pop of Turquoise

Happy Valentine's Day! Hope it's full of lots of love and appreciation!

In the name of love, I'm posting what I wore on my anniversary with my husband. We used a gift certificate and as a family went to dinner at Applebee's and then a New Year's party. Yes our anniversary is December 31st. We celebrated our 9th year of marriage!

Our 2 1/2 year old daughter did awesome taking this picture!

My favorite color is aqua and turquoise.

Turquoise Tank - Avon
Black Striped Top - Clothing Swap
Necklace - Paparazzi and another from my mom

My husband is all about hoodies, button up shirts, and solid tees. Be glad I got him to start wearing jeans and stripes at the beginning of our marriage. Before then it was just khakis and solid button up shirts.

Hoodie - Old Navy
Black Long Sleeve - Old Navy

Love Old Navy for my husband because it has the Tall, Skinny Sizes =) My husband is 6'4 and about 165 lbs. At least it's in the normal range for weight now.

What do your men like to wear?

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Valentine Giant Cards Tradition

I saw this idea somewhere, probably on Pinterest, and thought we'd start the tradition. Last year I bought the Jumbo Giant Valentine Cards and every year we'll write a little note of love to each other and to our kids. Then  you can  go back and see past years. This could easily be done for birthdays and other holidays too.

My son chose the dog valentine for himself and the bears for his sister. My husband and double up on the hearts one since there wasn't that many choices left for the Jumbo Cards.

Monday, February 10, 2014

96th Mommy Mondays - Mom of Care Touch Photography

Meet Local Mom, Tori Caresia of Care Touch Photography and her Thoughts on Being a Mom of Two.

I absolutely love being a mom of 2 beautiful girls! They are two years apart, but couldn't be closer with each other. Being a mom of 2 definitely has it's days, and I always feel that I have my hands full, but when you think about it, who doesn't? Any child can keep us on our toes with complete exhaustion but we can be utterly and completely happy at the same time. It's such a beautiful roller coaster of emotion. I have learned that there are never enough hours in the day to get everything done. Even though everyday we tell ourselves that it was an off day, and today will be the day we can do it all. I have definitely learned that priority and care come first, and everything else falls into place. Motherhood is amazing, and I love rocking it!


Thanks Victoria! I definitely can relate to telling myself that I can do it all. I think that helps to try, but also know that there will be days where we can't do it all and we should just enjoy the moments.
She will be doing Easter Minis in March, more details will be announced on her site later this month.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Valentine "Diamond" Kiss Rings

Thanks to the idea from Keeping it Simple and the tutorial at Mom on Time-out, I made these fun Valentine Rings for my Young Women lesson on adversity a couple years ago.

One thing we talked about was coal being turned into diamonds through intense heat and pressure for a long period of time and how this relates to trials and adversity.

These rings were a little treat to remember that they are each being turned into diamonds by our Heavenly Father. Trials are needed to help us grow, learn, and progress.

Friday, February 7, 2014

132nd Fashionable Fridays - Green & Yellow

In the wintertime, I really like to wear bright happy colors against the blues of winter.

I'm surprised I haven't put these colors together more often. I love it!

Headband - thrifted
Necklace & Earrings - from my mom
Yellow tank - Avon
Green Cardigan - Old Navy

Monday, February 3, 2014

95th Mommy Mondays - End the Mommy Wars

This article that depicts different moms and their different parenting choices has got me thinking about moms in my area. I live in a Mormon dominated community and sometimes there's judgement felt by many moms. During the next few weeks, I'm going to have these local moms share their thoughts on motherhood and raising children. The topics won't necessarily be about those pictures in the article, but I think it will be great to see the differences, the joys, the struggles of those moms in my local areas. I hope you can look at the moms in your local areas with more love and compassion instead of judgement. We don't know all the reasons or what's goes on in the background. I know since I had my second child, my beautiful stubborn daughter, I have learned a lot about I've needed to do to survive, but have faced some criticism for the way I had to do things. It hurts, but has opened my eyes to be more compassionate to others for the decisions they make.

"You make the choices best for you, I’ll make the choices best for me, and while our choices will often times differ, let’s choose to love one another instead of critique,' she writes.

Key message: The women agree that it's far more important to concentrate on 'raising healthy children'

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Books Read in 2013

Here's what I read in 2013!

77 BOOKS! I reached my first goal of 50 and then hit another goal of 75 Some were novellas ---- I didn't count picture books.

This year I have a good start of 15 books! WOW I'm impressed with myself. HAHA!

What have you  been reading? What were your favorites last year?

My favorites were the Matched Series, The Kissing Tree, Edenbrooke, Austenland, and books by Jenni James.