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How to Create Unique Infant Art Like an Anne Geddes

When you think of gorgeous photography and adorable babies, you’re most likely picturing the work of Anne Geddes. Since she began her career, baby-loving Geddes has captured the hearts of millions of people with her trademark photographs of teeny infants surrounded by flowers or sporting butterfly wings.

While booking Ms. Geddes to photograph your new addition may be an impossibility, that doesn’t mean you can’t recreate her beautiful style at home.

A Darling of a Photoshoot

You don’t need to have been a child photographer for twenty-five years to create gorgeous photos of your own baby, and you don’t need to be a master of lighting, flashes, or even film. If you own a good digital camera and have basic photo-editing software on your computer, no further special equipment is necessary. You just need some angel wings and a happy little angel.

Bedeck Your Baby

Anne Geddes uses enchanting themes in her artwork, from piles of fluffy flowers to tiny wings to adorable infant costumes. You can use your favorite Anne Geddes images for inspiration, or take to a costume store for ideas. Upcoming holidays are also great for photo themes; a fluffy bunny baby fast asleep would be a charming Easter greeting for friends and family.

Pick Up Some Props

Color baby photos are ultra adorable when you put in a few matching props. Gardens and flowers are popular themes Ms Geddes uses in her work, and pots and fake flowers are easy and inexpensively acquired. Use your infant costumes for inspiration when considering the theme; a piece of pressed pastel fabric or a basket full of flowers are charming options that can accommodate most costumes. If you want your images to be black and white, a pair of fluffy, feathered wings are the only prop you’ll need.

Add Magic with Special Effects

Many of Anne Geddes’ artwork utilizes image editing to add special effects. You can make your baby sport tiny wings or appear asleep atop the petals of a flower with the help of computer software. Advanced programs like Photoshop can easily make magic of your pictures. If you’re unsure of how to create special effects, online video tutorials make learning super easy, or ask an experienced friend or family member for a little help. The results will be Anne Geddes-like breathtaking.

Working with Your Little Angel

Babies can be challenging subjects to photograph; their attention spans are ultra short, and sometimes, they’re just not in the mood for their close up. For ease with the photo process, have all props and equipment set up in advance. A well rested and fed baby will keep fussing at bay, so plan on taking your pictures in the morning or after a nap. An assistant such as a spouse, family member, or friend can help keep the baby happy or draw its attention as you attempt to take shots.

Don’t be discouraged if your first shots aren’t what you wanted or if it takes several days of brief sessions to get good pictures. Your efforts will be well worth it when your friends spot your framed pics and ask, “Is this an Anne Geddes?”

C. Jenkins
Thanks so much Christina! I was supposed to get newborn pictures this past weekend, but the photographer had an emergency, and we had to reschedule. This week I plan on trying to take some cute pictures of my baby girl before she gets too big so these are great tips!

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