Friday, December 21, 2012

107th Fashionable Fridays

Instead of traditional red and green for the holidays, add some purples to the mix.

I wore a lavender shirt and added some red cluster shabby flower clip from Guthrie Girls Boutique on FB for a festive look.

I wore mostly green in this outfit and then added a purple yoyo grey necklace from Domestic Vixen on FB.

What other non-traditional color combos have you tried for the Christmas season?

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Christmas Fabric Ruffle Totes

Here are some Christmas Fabric Ruffle Totes I made recently. I love doing these mini totes - super quick and easy for me =)
Here's the tutorial again if you haven't seen these:

For mine, I just use my Pinking Shears to cut all around the fabric instead of folding it. Also I don't make marks, I just move it together and see where it ruffles - that way I always have a unique tote =)...or I'm just lazy =D

A large one would make a great gift - fill it with crafting/sewing supplies for that crafter in your life.
Or make a mini one - perfect for a little girl. Fill it with candy, little toys, and more. I think I'll make some for my son's preschool class since they're mostly girls in his class!

Monday, December 17, 2012

79th Mommy Mondays

I tried so hard not to dwell on the story. As soon as I read more about those teachers who tried to protect the kids, I couldn't help but cry. Been hugging my kids a little harder and trying to live in those special moments with them.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Paper Wall Flowers

I was inspired by these Scrapbook Wall Flowers pinned here. I made these for my second Saturday scrapbook class I teach =). These were back from May! Sometimes I make so many projects at once that I forget to post about them =).


Instead of using cardboard, I used the wooden flowers that I bought from Pick your Plum a while ago.

Then I followed her tutorial for the most part. =)

I used my trusty glue dots to hold the petal down, but hot glue may have been better since these are pinched. I laid them out on my wooden flower to see how it wood look.

On the back of the wooden flower, I added a bunch of flat flowers. For the center, I used scrap strips like a pinwheel. Then I added some bling to the petals. Then I made a second flower that exposed more wood instead of covering it all with paper. I used a circle stamp for a textured look.