Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My Favorite Things!

Here are some of my favorites things that I have found online from Mom Shops! Click on each of the pictures to see more similar items. Or click on their link to browse their online shops.

First off I sometimes I wish I had a girl because there are so many super cute accessories for girls. For now I can just buy these cute things for my friends. Maybe someday I'll be lucky and get my one girl; all I want is one! (side note: I have 2 younger brothers and my husband is the oldest of 6 boys - none of these guys are married, so no girls but me!)

*Toddler Purses from My Bonita Boutique:
"For as long as you can remember, you've been going to your favorite department store and see toddler and baby purses in display. you like them, you even think the character that is embroidered on the purse is cute, your daughter wants it so, you buy it. And to your utter disappointment, it doesn't match anything in her closet, and she's ok playing with it at home but, heavens, you don't want anyone to see her wearing that with that totally cute outfit you bought for her!!! You want something in a handbag for your little girl that goes beyond the cartoon characters that she is in love with.
Our baby girl purses were created for your Little Miss Fashion. Whether this is for your baby girl or just a gift, this baby's first purse will be a huge hit!  Spice up your baby's wardrobe with these unique toddler purses.
Sassy and fun, your baby girl will look as fashion forward as mom with this girl purse on her shoulder."

It's hard for me to remember myself as a toddler, but I know as a preteen I had to always have a purse. It was the cool thing. Prepare yourself now with your toddler so you won't be shocked by all the girly stuff she needs as she gets older. =D

*Pom Pom Bows from My Bonita Boutique: "Made from fabric, tulle and grosgrain ribbon, can be attached to a headband or directly to the hair."

Adorable huh! Sometimes I wish I was a kid again and could help my mom shop online for all these cute girl things so I could wear them.

*Darling onesie with matching skirt from Kate's Craft Corner: "When you buy these dress/skirts you can be confident that you have a one of a kind piece of clothing."

I just have to work a little harder to find adorable things for my little boy. They are out there and here's some of the adorable boy clothing and accessories that I have found.

*Tie Onesie from Kate's Craft Corner: "Your little man will be getting his cheeks pinched like crazy in these adorable little onesies. Each has a fabric tie sewn on."

It has always been a challenge for me to dress my little boy for church. These tie onesies are the simple and adorable solution!

*One Button Loafers from Forever and a Day - Hand Crocheted Items Made to Last:
"These adorable baby loafers can be warn with any outfit. They can be made for a boy or a girl."

I cannot crochet at all. My mom and grandma have both tried to teach me so I am lucky to have found this site. I love these little shoes and aren't the colors adorable!

*Jack Brimmed Hat from Forever and a Day - Hand Crocheted Items Made to Last

 I love the different colors in the hat and especially the cute brim. The brim would keep more wind away from my baby's precious face. I sure need that for the Southeastern Idaho and when we visit back home in Chicago.

Now something maybe for me; technically it can be for babies and kids too!

*Newsboy/girl Hat for babies through adults from Forever and a Day - Hand Crocheted Items Made to Last: "This cap is my (Forever and a Day's) own design. Made using 100% Acrylic yarn. Soft and warm, great for the fall and winter. Look trendy wherever you go!"

I love this hat and I can be my little diva self wearing one of these. It's not often that I can get all dressed up and feel fashionable.

Need more help on what to buy? Leelou Blogs is having giveaways of their favorite things on Leelou Swag! Check out other's favorite things on this post and scroll down to the Mr. Linky Links.

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