Friday, January 6, 2012

72nd Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail!

I hope you all are having a great Friday! 

Let get started!(:

First paint your nails with a base coat then any color you want. I chose Revlon scented parfume- not so blueberry.

Start making the shape of the flower petal. You can use a small paint brush, striper, old eye liner brush anything that works for you I used Rimmel London French White Tip pro which is a little striper.

Fill it in.

Make another petal and continue the same process until you have three petals.

I outlined my petals but you can skip this step if you just wanted to keep it a bit simpler. I used Kleancolor nail to toe nail art decoration- black onyx.

Then make some lines in the petal I used Kleancolor nail to toe nail art decoration- baby lavender.

Lastly put a middle to your flower and your done with the flower! I put some dots coming out of the flower to just add a little something more lol.
I hope you like this and if you try it out I would love to see a picture!!:D Have a great rest of you day!! 

Those are so chic Kristyn! Thanks for sharing these fabulous nails with us! I think of of my goals this year is to try at least 3 of Kristyn's fabulous nails! Check her out at Paint that Nail!

I'm still on a break, but I can tell you my talented husband is working on my new design for me! You'll see more from me in February! Don't forget to enter in my giveaway from What to Expect! Ends January 28th.

2 crafty contributions:

Rachel said...

Those are adorable! And it seems possible to do when you break down the steps. Thanks for sharing! :)

Baked Designs by Cindy said...

LOVE these nails! I've always wanted to make my nails all fancy and I definitely will try these! thanks :)