Friday, December 21, 2012

107th Fashionable Fridays

Instead of traditional red and green for the holidays, add some purples to the mix.

I wore a lavender shirt and added some red cluster shabby flower clip from Guthrie Girls Boutique on FB for a festive look.

I wore mostly green in this outfit and then added a purple yoyo grey necklace from Domestic Vixen on FB.

What other non-traditional color combos have you tried for the Christmas season?

1 crafty contributions:

Livvy said...

Love the green outfit!
When did you cut your hair? I think it looks great short! How do you like it?

For the Holiday season I've been wearing a lot of red and brown together, or white and gold/metallics. Not sure how non traditional that is. Could be border line boring instead? :-/