Monday, January 28, 2013

80th Mommy Mondays - Weaning Progress

Well I've made a lot of progress in weaning my daughter from nursing in the last 2 months though not as much progress as I would have liked.
Before Christmas and our little vacation, I weaned her to just nursing at night. I just have too much milk and that was the best way for me to just get rid of my milk completely so I wouldn't be tempted in the future at night at all.
The start of the new year, I started weaning her at night especially when she somehow chipped one of her "new" teeth so now her "rotting" tooth might be more exposed. She was doing great for about 2 weeks. She'd nurse just once a night (better than 3-4x), and then just once a day, usually before bed and then we'd brush her teeth. She'd wake up several times in the middle of the night asking for milk so I'd just rock her back to sleep in the glider and she'd be okay. My back and neck sure weren't great, and I was super tired. We made it about 36 hours straight of no nursing. I was getting so excited thinking she'd be weaned before she turned 21 months old on the 19th and then I could think about potty training her or taking her binky away at night before she turned 2!
The week before she turned 21 months, she started screaming, kicking, pushing me when I'd tell her no at night. During the day, I could handle that better, but after several nights of multiple times of waking up with screaming, kicking, pushing me I couldn't take it anymore with my lack of sleep. So she was nursing again up to 2x a night though I tried my best to just do one time a night.
I wanted to be able to tell everyone she was weaned especially her dentist when I take her in to check her chipped tooth, but no such luck which became very depressing.
Last Friday, I had the opportunity to have my son sleep over at my friend's house and so I joined in too. My husband took my daughter for the night. I slept pretty well, but still woke up since I'm used to it =). In the morning, I find out that my daughter slept almost 8 hours straight! Seriously! She gave my husband very little problems - no kicking, screaming. I should have been happy, but I was upset that my husband probably thought I should be able to handle her if that's all she did. Luckily he was more understanding. The past couple days have been better again. Our new record is almost 48 hours of no nursing. We're working on breaking that record tonight with 72 hours.
Our whole little family has been sleeping out front so we're all close together so my husband can take my daughter if I need help at night. That one night to myself helped me get another jump start and I've been able to stay calmer and my daughter has let me just hold her after crying shortly about no milk. Hopefully we're almost there, and she doesn't regress again.
She's a strong-willed toddler - so praying that she doesn't get super mad and start kicking, pushing, and screaming me again multiple times at night.

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