Friday, July 11, 2014

138th Fashionable Fridays - Firmoo Glasses

 A while ago I was contacted by Firmoo to try out their glasses, but I was going to be gone out of town a lot and wouldn't have a chance to get my prescription so I asked my friend who was looking to try out some glasses (though she doesn't need a prescription) to give them a try. Her is her review.
A little while ago I saw a picture of myself with glasses on, and I thought "hey, maybe that's what I'm missing! Those look pretty good!" I mentioned it to a group of friends one day and one of them said she had an opportunity for me. It was to try out the Firmoo glasses for her blog! When I checked out the pictures of their product, I was sold.
I don't have a prescription for glasses, and I was glad they had an option for prescription free lenses. I was excited to try these out and see what my peers and family thought of them.
Once the order was placed, it was a very good turn around time to receive them, even though they came all the way from China! I was very impressed that it was just around one week.

Their product is very stylish, and very good quality. The frames are a very solid build. They were a perfect fit for my face, which is very hard to do without trying on 20 pairs first! One shot and they got it right. They are comfortable to wear; the nose pieces are just formed into the design instead of being extra pieces and the arms (?) didn't hurt or irritate my ears with all day use.
I was instantly impressed by the clarity of the lenses. Even with a little dust and a tiny smudge on them they were almost more clear than I could see without them at all. I felt like everything was more crisp and a little more bright in color.
The package came with a hard case and a soft bag, a cleaning cloth and a screwdriver keychain for repairs. I'm pretty excited about the screwdriver. None of my sunglasses ever came with such a thing.

They arrived in the mail one day before I was going hiking with a group from church. I wore them from the first moment I got in the car until I got home later that evening. Not one person mentioned the glasses. I figured that could mean two things: they looked really natural so nobody noticed there was something different, or they looked terrible and nobody wanted to mention it. I decided to wear them again and to work this time - and one use isn't enough to get a good review, right?
The glasses were very comfortable on the hike and I not once considered taking them off. They didn't make my face too sweaty, didn't obstruct my line of vision, nor did they feel like they were a burden in my recreational activities.

It was a few hours at work before anyone noticed the glasses. First it was my boss, then my maintenance guy, and they both approved. I only saw them once through the whole shift, but the next day (yeah, I wore them again) both of them mentioned again how much they liked them on me. My boss pointed it out to others saying "don't those just look great on her?" and "I don't want to sound creepy, and I'm sure you've heard me say this a few times, but they really look good!"  

Verdict, they look good and natural. I was right. That is exactly what I was missing.


She look fabulous in them! I can't wait to get my prescription again to try myself a pair. I know looking at the website, I loved that you can upload your picture to see what glasses work on you. I've always wanted colorful glasses myself, but they never had many colors to actually try on at my doctor's office so I was excited to see they had that photo upload option.
They ask a lot of specific questions to get the right size for your glasses which can be confusing at first, but they have a lot of descriptions and photos to get the right measurements if you don't have prescription measurements.

My friend received these lovely glasses here.

Get your first pair free.

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