Friday, April 9, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #4

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Here's an outfit I wore for a day to myself (my husband watched our son for 8 hours- thank you honey!). Mainly I wore a skirt because I was going to the temple (Latter-Day Saint). Then after the temple I went to the spa and tried a massage for the first time (it was only $30 for 30 minutes). I had a nice lunch out at a new place called G's Dairy: soup, roll, drink and ice cream cone for $5!! It was so delicious and I think I discovered my new favorite ice cream: German Chocolate. Then I went out to get my hair cut. Then grocery shopping and finally home. Oh at the spa, I changed out of my skirt into jeans.
Let me know what you think of my outfit.

Green cardigan you've seen before (from Old Navy)
Purple Lace Tank (from Old Navy) - $5
Black pencil skirt (from Kohls)-$25  ....I've been needing a black pencil skirt for a while- so glad I finally found one
Pointy shoes - I think my mom gave them to me.

What do you think of the tucked in look?- I've been doing it more lately. I hated the look on me before, but I think I'm getting used to it. (excuse the mess on the floor!)

Just a close-up so you can see my headband - I love it!

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enSTYLEpedia said...

you're adorable, love that green and your headband...i love headbands!
sounds like you had an amazing day!! lucky girl!