Tuesday, April 6, 2010

When do you blog?

So I read some posts a while ago that really made me think about when do I blog. I'm afraid some of my friends may think I'm on the computer too much keeping up with several blogs at once: personal family blog, this blog, and Scrappy Gifts are my main ones, but I also do some here and there on some others. It's something I enjoy and that relaxes me. I blog when my son is asleep. Currently he takes one nap for 2-3 hours. Then he goes to bed at 8:30 at night where I do more blogging, check e-mails, edit/upload family photos, work on my Scrappy Gifts or catch up on TV shows.
If I get behind, sometimes then my husband will watch our son, spend some quality time with him, so I can catch up on a blog post. For me I don't really have set days where I post except on my Scrappy Gifts where I have Friday Favorites and Scrappy Saturdays. These posts I usually set up ahead of time and schedule them to post on the date I want. (If you don't know how to do that, leave a comment and I can go over that.) Since I have a lot of blogs, I don't want to have set days when I blog because then it will feel more like a job and could interfere with my family life. This way I have all the flexibility I want.
Being a mom, we need time for ourselves or we can go crazy. I know I'm less effective as a mom and a wife when I don't get me time once in a while. I try to have a me day once every month to three months where for about 4-8 hours, I get to get out of the house. Thanks to my husband for letting me do that! Then daily I think we need at least 30 minutes to ourselves whether it's to get ready, blog, read, take a shower/bath, talk to a friend etc.

So here are excerpts from the blogs posts that made me think: I really like Courtney's points about how it's journaling and that's exactly what my personal family blog is. Then my other blogs, I feel I can share certain things that I can share with anyone and they'd be able to relate. Plus I like sharing ideas with people.
Mandi's post shares about how to schedule time to blog as well as some other great points. I really like her fifth point. I'm so glad I discovered how to schedule posts.

Courtney from Make Me a Blessing was asked this question: How can you be a mommy and a blogger? I don't understand how you can 'be' a mom full time, but spend all of your time blogging about being a mom full time. You can't be both. You are either or.
Her answer: To read her whole answer click HERE:
Personally, I don't understand how blogging is any different than keeping a journal...other than the fact that you publish it online. And that's a decision that is solely and completely up to the author and no one else. I started blogging when I was pregnant with Little Man. We had just moved to Florida, away from all of our family and I was alone. I had no where to turn to talk about my pregnancy {except for my poor husband, who didn't understand the constant shift in hormones I was experiencing.} and no way to keep family updated on what was going on. So I turned to the internet. Found blogger and got started. And I've never turned back. Through blogging I have made some wonderful friends who, though we've never really met, have been there for me during times when even the people close to me weren't. There is a common thread that runs through us mommy bloggers...we understand. And we're there to offer support.
Now. To the question at hand. How can you be a full time mom and a blogger? I say it's no different than being a working mom. Or being a mom and a wife. Or being a mom to multiple children. It's about finding a sense of balance. Knowing what time you have, what you have to do and using it. My friend Mandi posted a really great blog the other day about setting up a schedule for your blog that I would encourage you to read. As my blog has grown, I have learned that there becomes more that goes into it than just writing a post. There are comments to respond to, emails to send, other blogs to read, and-if you get into it-advertising and reviews to do. It's work. But it's something that I love and enjoy and never do I allow it to take priority over my husband, our marriage or my son.

Mandi- From Tales of a Recovering Perfectionist : click on her site to read the rest of her post
If you find yourself slacking on other areas of your life because blogging is taking up too much of your time then I would suggest a few things:
•Schedule out your day. What do you have to do? What chores need to get done?

•Plan what time you will spend on your blog and stick to it! Set the oven timer if you have to!

•Write your posts when you are less distracted. Before the kids get up or after they go to bed.

•Make sure you have time for that husband of yours! Trust me, this helps! ;)

•If you find some extra time write more than one post and save them for crazy times.

•Don't neglect your kids to be on the computer. It will affect (effect?) your writing.

•Make sure your major chores are done before writing. It can relieve the stress.

•Be realistic. It may not be possible for you to post everyday. Maybe 3-4 days is all you can do. That's fine!

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