Monday, October 15, 2012

77th Mommy Mondays - Battling Still

If you've read my previous Mommy Mondays, you know what that I'm battling weaning my daughter from nursing.

I tried the taping my chest method for 3 nights straight. She did less crying each night, but wouldn't go back to sleep so she was up from 3am-6am every morning. I couldn't do it for a 4th night in a row. I was just too exhausted trying to do everything else. My husband took her for a night too and he got her to sleep each time she woke up with little crying, but by 5:30am she wouldn't go back to sleep. We were both exhausted. I tried one more night on my own, and I just couldn't stay awake.

So now we're just trying to brush her teeth extra and use OnGuard essential oil from dōTERRA to help clean her teeth and reduce plaque.

Her hospital appointment for her dental work is next Monday. Prayers would be appreciated that day. Thanks!

She does pretty well during the day especially when we go out. I've had so many activities and meetings at night in the last week that she's gone 10 hours on 3 different days without nursing (my poor chest was dying though). She'll nap without nursing or her pacifier. It's just at night time that's killing us! If I didn't have another child, I'd sleep during the day and stay up at night to battle this...
After her dental work is done, I'm hoping she won't be in any pain from her teeth and she'll sleep better? If not, then I'm thinking I'll try different essentials oils on my chest in hopes she won't want to nurse. Any ideas would be appreciated. =)

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