Monday, July 15, 2013

89th Mommy Mondays - Bike Riding

Sweet moments as I watched my son ride his bike for a distance longer than 6 feet this weekend. We went down the bike path together as a family. My husband and son riding their bikes and me pushing my daughter in her stroller since her bike isn't fixed yet to learn (needs a new tire and seat!).

My husband let me have a turn too riding his bike but I couldn't sit on it because it was just too tall. He's 6'4 and I'm 5'4...

He had his first wipe out and scraped his knee pretty good. Can't believe I forgot to have him put on his padding! At least he got right back on and quickly stopped crying. I was surprised that he started to ride again so quickly.

My husband took him out 2 more times that evening because our son loved it so much.

The next day for church, he asked if we could ride to church and I figured sure why not; let's save more gas money =)

This time I made sure he had his padding. He fell once on the way, but it wasn't bad. I told him how to put his foot down if he felt like he was going to fall and on the way back after church, he did that.

My husband helping our son go a little faster so we could get home and cook dinner. Having church 1-4 is tough!

What sweet moments will you always remember of your children?

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