Monday, July 29, 2013

90th Mommy Mondays - Gymnastics

My daughter had fun with her first series of gymnastics/dance class this summer. She wouldn't perform for the parents the dance parts because she wanted to sit by her brother and Daddy, but she went around doing the gymnastics part better than our son did his first performance.

First Day

Learning to do a cartwheel

Learning to do a backwards roll

She can do handstands on the wall by herself!

Other things she learned how to do completely by herself at 2 years old: tucks, straddles, pikes, handstands on the wall, and tootsie rolls. She likes to try to do cartwheels by herself. She's been able to do a somersault since she was 17 months.

What classes do you have your kids take when you have the money?

I'd like to do piano lessons again for my son, but need to save up for it again. We'll definitely have my daughter do this dance/gymnastics class again next summer. My son has gymnastics and preschool included in his preschool program. Maybe we'll attempt soccer for him again in a couple of years.

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