Thursday, December 3, 2009

Books Read in 2009

Books Read in 2009 (32)

**Christmas Jars Reunion by Jason F. Wright 12.31.09
*The Mist of Quarry Harbor by Liz Adair 11.10.09
****Christmas Jars by Jason F. Wright 12.14.09
***The Silence of Snow by Anita Stansfield 12.10.09
**Too Good to be True by Taunia L. Bean 10.26.09
**Timeless Waltz (2nd time) by Anita Stansfield 10.8.09
*Loved Like That by Julie Wright 9.23.09
Keepers of the Heart (2nd time by accident) by JoAnn Jolley (9.16.09)
Shelter from the Storm by Anita Stansfield 8.28.09
***CTR's Ring by Melissa Ann Aylstock 8.13.09
I Just Got a Letter from Allyson Pringle by Anya Bateman 8.3.09
*****Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (2nd time) by J.K. Rowling 7.22.09
****Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (2nd time) by J.K. Rowling 7.9.09
*****Breaking Dawn (2nd time) by Stephenie Meyer 6.28.09
Just One Wish by Janette Rallison 6.24.09
*****Eclipse (2nd time) by Stephenie Meyer 6.7.09
***New Moon (2nd Time) by Stephenie Meyers 5.20.09
****Twilight (2nd Time) by Stephenie Meyers 5.14.09
Bright Blue Miracle by Becca Wilhite 5.7.09
Lost Without You by Annette Lyon 4.30.09
A Life of My Own by Lisa McKendrick 4.23.09
Shadow of Doubt by Amy Maida Wadsworth 4.8.09
***Winds of Hope by Anita Stansfield 4.8.09
**The Crayon Messages by Christine Thackeray 3.10.09
Delicious Conversation by Jennifer Stewart Griffith 3.8.09
A Little Sisterly Advice by Jennifer Stewart Griffith 3.5.09
Choosing Mr. Right by Jennifer Stewart Griffith 3.2.09
Never Too Late by Nancy Cratty 2.25.09
The First Year by Crystal Liechty
*A Chance for Sarah by Susan Dean Elzey
Eyes of a Stranger by Rachel Ann Nunes
*The Sound of Thunder by Anita Stansfield

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**Amy** said...

Ohh! Thanks for the great list! There are several on here I have not read. This list should keep me busy for a long time. Thanks so much for sharing!