Monday, December 28, 2009

Gratitude Jars

inspired by Little Birdie Secrets Thankful Jars

I took this idea to use for an Activity/Achievement Day Girls activity for church.

We modge podge "Our Gratitude Jar" on the front along with the Book of Mormon scripture: "Live in Thanksgiving daily"

Then the girls took squares of scrapbook paper and modge podged that around their jar. Then they wrote down things that they were grateful for on strips of scrapbook paper.

Then we added a piece of fabric under their lid (canning jars) to decorate it more. The girls could then take them home to have their families write down what they were grateful for on extra strips of paper. Lastly their families could either link all the strips to make a paper chain to hang up or put on their Christmas tree or just leave their gratitude in the jar.

Simplified, perfect for 8-9 year olds!

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