Monday, September 20, 2010

15th Mommy Mondays

Don't forget the Paci-Catchers Giveaway! They can be used as a pacifier clip, toy tether, bib clips or nursing cover clips! LOW ENTRIES STILL!

I've been meaning to share with you this newspaper clipping photo that I found, I believe, on someone else's blog.

Do you ever feel like this with your single friends or friends with no kids? I know when I first got married, I felt like my single friends didn't want to hang out with me anymore as much as I tried to keep in contact with them. Then I'd worry that we'd never be friends again because by the time they got married, I'd probably have kids and that would differentiate us still. For the most part I have found that to be true too. It's hard to stay friends with someone or keep in contact with them when they don't try anymore.
Now that I have my son, it's even harder for me to keep trying to do stuff/keep contact with friends without kids especially now that my personal time is so very limited and getting babysitters are difficult. Now I'm sure not all people are like this, some people/couples don't mind spending time with their friends who have kids.
I love this article too because it shares what stay at home moms/dads do - some people think we don't do anything, that it's the easy life. It's not the easy life, but it's definitely rewarding. I know that those who have to work also have it difficult too, but those parents who work shouldn't look down on those who stay at home or think that they have more time than you do. We just use our time differently.

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