Monday, September 27, 2010

16th Mommy Mondays

Potty Training - who has tips for me or great resources to share?

We've introduced our son to potty training. He picked out a potty seat (there's not enough room to store a potty chair in our bathroom) and a bunch of underwear. He likes to sit on the potty and wear his underwear.

We put on hold a bunch of potty videos and books for him.
His favorite video so far is Potty Power (he calls it Power) and he loves the book Chugga Chugga Poo Poo: The Potty Train.

 Unfortunately though he will not pee in the potty. One day, his diaper was totally dry so we sat him on the potty for as long we could. Then gave him a bath. Of course he starts to pee in the tub, the second we try to put him back on the potty, he stops peeing. He has total control it seems of his urine, but he refuses to go in the potty. He doesn't mind sitting on the potty and has even sat there for about 7 minutes. We let him read a potty book or sing songs while he sits there.

I'm afraid to truly start the training process until he actually pees once in the potty. I think if he would do it once, he would get excited especially with all the praise from us, he'd do it again.

I'm waiting for Potty Wise book in the mail. I read some of it from the library once I finally got my hands on it and then decided to read the rest of it once I owned the book.

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Sarah said...

Potty training is a total process and every kid is sooo different. My son loved the potty chart I made and hung in the main floor bathroom. (Give a sticker each time they go pee or poo) and he loved picking a treat out of the treat jar I made for him. Once he started peeing on his own all the time, he would just get a treat when he went #2. We bought him an Elmo potty book that made sounds which he liked. He loved having his favorite characters on his pull-ups and then on his big boy underwear.
When I was pregnant and on the couch A LOT we had a little Ikea potty that was like $3 that I kept in the living room for a while. That was nice beacuse boys tend to wait until the very last possible second to go sometimes :)

Anyways, enough blabbing from me..... GOOD LUCK!!