Wednesday, September 15, 2010

My Mr. Potato Head

Don't forget to enter the Paci-Catchers Giveaway! Super Low Entries still!
Finally posting this for you guys! Sorry it took so long. Next I want to participate in U-Create's Create with Me September Project and then make a car mat (where my son can drive his cars around).

August 19, 2010
I finished! Left it more like a puppet for now since I think it adds a little more fun to it. Since Make it and Love it was told to remove her tutorial on this by Hasbro, I'm not going to explain how I made mine either. Sorry! But looking at pictures really helps a lot. Hopefully my pictures won't get me into trouble =D

James thinks it's cool already. It's helping him learn where body parts should be not just the names of them.

Here are pictures of the front where I put the velcro. The top I can either put eyebrows or a hat on. The mouth area is close together so the mouth doesn't have to have the mustache on.
Then there's the pocket in the back to hold the pieces.

Next time I'd probably sew the velcro on the body and the facial features because it's a little hard to take the pieces on and off. Now I'll have to hand sew the velcro on for extra security on it.

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