Monday, February 7, 2011

33rd Mommy Mondays - Sound Beginnings Review

Sorry that today's Mommy Mondays is so late. Lots of doctor appointments this morning, but more about that next Monday!


Happy Mama Gifts graciously gave me Sound Beginnings: Sound Delivery from Creative Baby to try out while pregnant!

Sound Beginnings: Sound Delivery is a Pre-natal Sound Delivery Device that plays music and voice for baby.
"With Sound Delivery, all your loved ones can be as close to your baby as you are."
Go to their website, to watch their video about Sound Beginnings.

This was perfect since we live so far away from family. I feel sad at times especially that my mom isn't around to see my big belly. My first came early so she missed seeing me then. At least with this, she can interact with this baby girl inside me.

When you receive your Sound Delivery, you get 5 free minutes of time and then you can buy more or friends and family can buy more. Your friends and family can then call the number and enter your  User Code and say a little message for the baby. The recordings are then put the site under your name. With one simple click, you can put them onto ITunes, Windows Media Player, etc. Then put it on your IPod or other MP3 device.

Super simple. I even recorded a message for my baby girl! They give you great, specific instructions on how to best record your message. It's fun that I can have that message "forever" too.
When I was recording the message, they even gave me options to pause and then continue with more, listen back to what I said all before I submitted it.

Connecting your MP3 Player is simple. The band comes with special cords in the pocket that are connected to speakers for the baby. It has been designed to expose the baby to no more than 85 decibels of sound at maximum volume.

Stick in the pocket and let your baby listen away. Figure out what music your baby likes and feel the baby move and dance =D Let them hear family and friends' voices.

Mommy can even listen along too. There's a spot for their connecter and then your headphones too. Although not all headphones seem to work well with this connector.

Other wonderful things about Sound Beginnings: Sound Delivery
  • very comfortable band: comes in different colors and 3 sizes
  • the band can be machine washable, although hand washing is recommended
  • Simple to use website with specific instructions
  • No assembly or batteries needed.
  • Detailed manual - if you purchase this, please read the manual very carefully as this is only intended for women in their 3rd trimester up until a week from your delivery date and not recommended for more than 2 hours of use.
  • SAFE FOR BABY -  With my first, we put headphones on my belly, but it made me so nervous trying to make sure the volume was low enough to not hurt his ears.
Thank you again Happy Mama Gifts. Check out their facebook fan page for a chance to review items yourself. Check out their site for fabulous giveaways and other great products. I would love to have a meal from them sent to me - what a wonderful idea!

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