Friday, February 4, 2011

Fashionable Fridays #36 - Paint that Nail

Again welcome Kristyn from Paint that Nail with an awesome tutorail on nails for Valentine's Day.

Today I am going to show you how to make a heart and a sponging effect in the background. 
What you need:
~3-4 shades of one color I choose pink
~one glitter polish 
~1 bobby pin or a tooth pick 
~base/top coat 
~Q-tips and nail polish remover (if needed)
What to do:
Paint you nails with a base color which would be the lightest color in you color scheme.

Now pick the next color and mix it with clear nail polish(top coat) and just kind of stipple it on your nail.

Continue to do with the rest of your colors.

Now go back to your base color, mix it with clear and stipple that over some spots.

Now that the background is done we can do the hearts and dots with your bobby pin or tooth pick (I think the bobby pin would work best because it has that little ball on the end). Make a dot and then drag it down. You might have to go over it twice, but make sure you have a good amount of nail polish on your bobby pin so it will drag.

Do the same to the other side, and if there is a gap in the middle just make a dot or two over it.

Now you can make a couple dots with the same color as the heart and with some glitter if you want. Remove the nail polish on the sides of your nail add a Top coat and you're done! 

The base color I used was Sinfulcolors- easy going. The other colors to stipple on I used Avon speed dry- carnival, Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear- bubblegum pink, Sinfulcolors- pink forever, Sinfulcolors- feeling great and Kleancolor- sweet pink. The silver glitter did not have a brand or a name on it. I hope you like this or try it out! 

Thank you so much Maryanne for letting me do these Fashionable Fridays!!


Thanks Kristyn! I love the sponging effect for a cute Valentine look. Great job on your hearts too - not sure I could make hearts that well!

3 crafty contributions:

paint that nail said...

Im sure you could do it if you tried a couple times! :)

AngelaR said...

so cute!! I love it!! I'll have to try that ... lol i bought a kit to pain my nails with the guides and everything well ... that was about 2 months ago! LMAO ... I havn't gotten around to it yet .. i'll have to make a point to do so!

Daisy said...

its really cool idea for valentine I'll surely try. also check this out