Friday, October 7, 2011

67th Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail!

Happy Friday everyone!! Today im going to show you how to do these cupcakes!

What I used~
-OPI: unknown name the label came off (the base pink color)
-Wet n Wild: party of five glitters
-OPI: pink-ing of you (sheer pink color over the glitter)
-Kiss nail art paint: beach pink (cupcake cup)
-Kiss nail art paint: soft pink (the lines on the cupcake cup)
-Rimmel French White Tip PRO (white) 
-Sally Hansen Insta- Dri: lightening (yellow)
-NYC long-wearing nail enamel: times square tangerine creme (orange) 
-Studio M: whose that girl 
-Revlon top speed: lily (light purple/lavender) 
-China Glaze: ruby deer (red) 
You could used whatever colors you want just have fun with it!! (:

First paint you nails a light pink color then put a coat of glitter

Now put a sheer pink color over the glitter

Then put one more coat of glitter and now it gives it more of a layered effect

To make the cup for the cupcake just make a square and then curve it up just a little bit and then take a thin paint brush, striper or toothpick and make little lines on the cup part

Make three big dots going along the edge of the cup, you could use the back of a paint brush, dotting tool or a bobby pin

Then make a half circle connecting to the dots to make the cupcake! 

Add different colored dots for sprinkles I used a toothpick 

To make the heart I used a toothpick and just cut the tip off and made a dot the dragged it down and did the same to the other half

Just add a top coat and thats it your done!! Have a great weekend!(:


Thanks Kristyn! These look so adorable and fun - perfect for a birthday party too =D

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Oh my those cupcakes are too cute! I have enough trouble getting my nails just painted one color so I don't know if I could ever actually do that to mine but gosh I want to!