Friday, April 6, 2012

82nd Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

Happy Friday! Today I'm going to show you how to get this nail art! Remember you could always just pull pieces of this nail art out and do that or do it all to get this look, just have fun!

First paint your nails a light pink then do a white side swipe across the top of your nail. I used SinfulColor- easy going for the pink and Rimmel London french white top pro for the white.

Make large pink dots for the rose, I used a dotting tool but you can use a bobby pin or cut a toothpick to its not such a pointy tip. I used SinfulColors- pink forever. 

Create pink lines going vertical on the white side swipe. You can cut a paint brush or use an old eye liner brush, I used a Kiss nail art paint- soft pink.

Put a line of silver glitter in between the light pink and white. I used a Kiss nail art paint.

Create the green leaves, its best to think of them kinda like an elongated tear drop. I used another Kiss nail art paint.

To actually create the rose using a small detail brush with acrylic paint I just made little lines on the pink dot. Start off in the middle with two lines curving into each other just not connected then just work your way out. You could use a tooth pick for this too just leave the pointy tip.

Then I put a little yellow line in the middle of the leaf using a Stripe Rite. Lastly apply a top coat, especially if you're using paint because it can wash off. But that's it and you're done!

I hope you all like this and have a great rest of your day! (:

PRETTY! Love the stripes and silver corner too. I like it too if it was just polka dots with the corner stripes. You've inspired me!
Thanks Kristyn! Check her out at Paint that Nail !

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Kaysi @ Keeping it Simple said...

I'm super impressed!! Your nails look great!