Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wellness Wednesday #1

I decided to change up my work-out Wednesdays to Wellness Wednesday to talk about/encompass more aspects of health.  =)

I've been maintaining my current weight - around 130 lbs. but it's been moving around. My pants have suddenly gotten tight again! (No I'm not pregnant - though I had several scares the past 2 months! =) ).
My baby girl stretched me really good when I was pregnant with her so if I eat too much or sit down/slouch, my pants get too tight again - boo!

So I decided to try working out again though it's not my favorite. I decided I had to do something fun and at home so I can do it with my kids since I'm busy. I decided to try out my Just Dance video game for the Wii again since my baby girl loves to dance and now that my son is older, he loves to dance too. We had a good half hour of dancing. It was so fun to do it all together. I think we'll try to do a dance session every day. Hopefully these moves will tone my stomach some!
This is much easier to do since the controller isn't noticeably used so my son won't feel like he needs to have a working one. Also it doesn't use the Wii Balance Board either so I'm not fighting to use it with my kids and I can still keep track of how well I'm doing the dance moves too =)

I'll try to take video of us dancing sometime and post it - I bet you'd love that!

What fun things do you do with your kids to encourage movement?

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