Monday, April 30, 2012

62nd Mommy Mondays

So at church last Sunday, my daughter FLUNG her baggie of crackers and pretzels all over during sacrament meeting as I tried to listen to the speaker. She is too quick! I was trying to give her some, but she was mad and she grabbed them an flung them before I could stop her in time. AWESOME! not! A lovely little boy sitting behind us helped pick up the ones in the aisle along with a older guy in my ward. So nice of them! It made me feel not so embarrassed! After sacrament was over, my awesome husband grabbed the vaccuum and got the tiny crumbs all up. Later we were complimented that my husband did this because apparently most wouldn't. That surprised me, we didn't want to leave the chapel messy.

So what embarrassing things have your kids done to you as of late?

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Sarah said...

That's so hard! Pretty well every Sunday one of my kids do something cringe-worthy in Sacrament Meeting it seems! :S