Monday, April 30, 2012

62nd Mommy Mondays

So at church last Sunday, my daughter FLUNG her baggie of crackers and pretzels all over during sacrament meeting as I tried to listen to the speaker. She is too quick! I was trying to give her some, but she was mad and she grabbed them an flung them before I could stop her in time. AWESOME! not! A lovely little boy sitting behind us helped pick up the ones in the aisle along with a older guy in my ward. So nice of them! It made me feel not so embarrassed! After sacrament was over, my awesome husband grabbed the vaccuum and got the tiny crumbs all up. Later we were complimented that my husband did this because apparently most wouldn't. That surprised me, we didn't want to leave the chapel messy.

So what embarrassing things have your kids done to you as of late?

Friday, April 27, 2012

85th Fashionable Fridays

After reading, The Daybook's, Sydney Poulton's article about Pattern Mixing. I decided to give it a try! I was super nervous about going to church, especially Young Women's - seeing what my girls would think, but I had tons of compliments!

How do you think I did!? I tried to follow the 3 Prints Max Rule - I did Stripes and Houndstooth in 2 different ways.
Houndstooth - scarf and skirt
Stripes - Cardi and Earrings

Skirt and Cardi I got from a Clothing Swap a couple months ago. I was so excited about it!
Belt and Earrings from Kohls
Flower from Paparazzi

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Wellness Wednesday #1

I decided to change up my work-out Wednesdays to Wellness Wednesday to talk about/encompass more aspects of health.  =)

I've been maintaining my current weight - around 130 lbs. but it's been moving around. My pants have suddenly gotten tight again! (No I'm not pregnant - though I had several scares the past 2 months! =) ).
My baby girl stretched me really good when I was pregnant with her so if I eat too much or sit down/slouch, my pants get too tight again - boo!

So I decided to try working out again though it's not my favorite. I decided I had to do something fun and at home so I can do it with my kids since I'm busy. I decided to try out my Just Dance video game for the Wii again since my baby girl loves to dance and now that my son is older, he loves to dance too. We had a good half hour of dancing. It was so fun to do it all together. I think we'll try to do a dance session every day. Hopefully these moves will tone my stomach some!
This is much easier to do since the controller isn't noticeably used so my son won't feel like he needs to have a working one. Also it doesn't use the Wii Balance Board either so I'm not fighting to use it with my kids and I can still keep track of how well I'm doing the dance moves too =)

I'll try to take video of us dancing sometime and post it - I bet you'd love that!

What fun things do you do with your kids to encourage movement?

Monday, April 23, 2012

61st Mommy Mondays

So my daughter got her ears pierced last month...she was 11 months old. I wanted to do it sooner, but with living far away from a lot of businesses and with kids being sick so often, I hadn't been able to go do it.

I was 3 years old when I had mine pierced and I remembered it hurt! I didn't want my daughter to feel that so that was my main reason for getting hers pierced so young. The other reason is she still has very short hair so I want to make sure people know she is a girl. One plus for my husband, I don't put bows and headbands in her hair as much - he hates them! Plus now my daughter pulls them out after a while.

What age would you let your daughter's get their ears pierced? How old were you when you got yours? I've heard lot of "controversy" on the topic so I'm interested in your thoughts. Most people that I know what their daughter to be old enough to choose to do it.

Friday, April 20, 2012

84th Fashionable Fridays

This vest, I got at a clothing swap. I haven't worn something like this since like junior high, but with layering so popular I decided to try it. I think with the added vest, I look old enough...not like a junior higher =)

White top - Pick Your Plum
Vest - Clothing Swap
Scarf - Old Navy
Bracelet - Udder Covers (matches my nursing cover)

Link up your fashion, hair, or make-up.

Monday, April 16, 2012

60th Mommy Mondays

I have a theory about Bear Crawler Babies. I've never seen a boy who bear crawls. I think it's because baby girls are in dresses and in order to not step on their dress, they bear crawl and then sometimes get used to crawling that way.

Does anyone have a boy that bear crawls or that used to?

My son never did and my baby girl used to until she started walking.

Of course I can't find any pictures of her  bear crawling! Maybe it's all on video?

Have a great week! I'm busy getting preparations finished for my baby girl's 1st birthday on Thursday!

Friday, April 13, 2012

83rd Fashionable Fridays

I thrifted this polka-dot top. It's such a tight top still that I'm glad I'm getting better at this layering thing so I could wear it.
Short sleeve cardigan from Down East - it's a size small! It's kinda tight on my arms. Lately I don't look at sizes anymore, especially if I can get it free or on big sale,  and just try stuff on. Typically I'm a size M/L, but you never know - sometimes I'm smaller and sometimes bigger - depends on the brand. I got the white cardigan for $5!
Belt from Kohls, I believe.
My chest looks so huge in this outfit....I'm pretty small so for me this is a good thing =)

Friday, April 6, 2012

82nd Fashionable Fridays - Paint that Nail

Happy Friday! Today I'm going to show you how to get this nail art! Remember you could always just pull pieces of this nail art out and do that or do it all to get this look, just have fun!

First paint your nails a light pink then do a white side swipe across the top of your nail. I used SinfulColor- easy going for the pink and Rimmel London french white top pro for the white.

Make large pink dots for the rose, I used a dotting tool but you can use a bobby pin or cut a toothpick to its not such a pointy tip. I used SinfulColors- pink forever. 

Create pink lines going vertical on the white side swipe. You can cut a paint brush or use an old eye liner brush, I used a Kiss nail art paint- soft pink.

Put a line of silver glitter in between the light pink and white. I used a Kiss nail art paint.

Create the green leaves, its best to think of them kinda like an elongated tear drop. I used another Kiss nail art paint.

To actually create the rose using a small detail brush with acrylic paint I just made little lines on the pink dot. Start off in the middle with two lines curving into each other just not connected then just work your way out. You could use a tooth pick for this too just leave the pointy tip.

Then I put a little yellow line in the middle of the leaf using a Stripe Rite. Lastly apply a top coat, especially if you're using paint because it can wash off. But that's it and you're done!

I hope you all like this and have a great rest of your day! (:

PRETTY! Love the stripes and silver corner too. I like it too if it was just polka dots with the corner stripes. You've inspired me!
Thanks Kristyn! Check her out at Paint that Nail !