Saturday, June 15, 2013

2nd SimplyFun Saturdays - Plext

Plext is in our everyday close-out sale! $25.60 (normally $32) -,770,228.aspx

Take 14 letters in a row and turn them into as few words as you can! Prove you have the ultimate vocabulary in this addicting game by finding fewer words than your fellow players. Word lovers unite!

Example: The 14 dice start with MNCPATxxxxxxxx. The two short words MiNCe and PArT will take you through the first six letters, but eMaNCiPATe does it better! So instead of getting 2 points, you only get 1 - you're trying to get the least amount of points as possible! =)

One of my favorite games!

Here are some of the times I played. What is the least amount of words you can think of in each one?

Here's what I thought of....

  1.  HoMELy
  2. RoBot
  3. JeePNey
  4. LoOKS
  5. QueVe


  1. CaKe
  2. enViSioneD
  3. OPresSor
  4. TaFFY
  5. Huge


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