Wednesday, August 14, 2013

28th Wellness Wednesdays - Roman Chamomile

A couple weeks ago, Roman Chamomile was a little life saver in my home. My son got stung by two hornets. A couple days later we found that there was a hornets nest under the slide. Scary! Glad we found it before a bunch of other kids came over to play.

He came running, screaming! Immediately I put lavender on them because that's the first one I remembered. He calmed down within 2 minutes.
I kept looking for major signs of allergic reactions since
I've never been stung so I don't know if any of us are allergic. All I saw was a rash forming on his arm so I went to my trusty Modern Essentials book and looked up Bites/Stings. The number one recommended was Roman Chamomile with cold compress. So I got a wet rag put some drops of Roman Chamomile, put a ice pack in the middle and put that on his arm. Within 30 minutes, his rash was gone and you couldn't see the circles of where he was stung.

I also looked up Allergies and added some Peppermint on his arm too just in case.

Without my oils, I'd probably would have freaked out more. I love being able to help my family be calm in scary situations.

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