Monday, August 12, 2013

92nd Mommy Mondays - Butterflies

A couple of weeks ago, our neighbors brought us over 2 caterpillars to take care of so that my kids could watch them turn into Monarch Butterflies. So cool!

I was super nervous we'd end up killing them especially when they started hanging on the lid. If the fell off the lid, then they would be dead. The easy part was feeding them milkweed leaves. They ate through probably 3 whole leaves before they made their way to the top of the lid.

Luckily we survived it, walking super slowly when moving them (they shook a lot!).

Our first butterfly we found in the middle of the day moving around at the bottom of the jar. Opened the jar, my husband pulled it out and it immediately flew away. We didn't get pictures of that one.

Our second butterfly, I had brought it inside since it was storming outside. It was hanging upside down and out. I was afraid it was dead. I just think it was still stretching.

Woke my kids from bed to watch and get pictures this time. It just kept stretching its wings. Finally we had to leave for the day so we left it down by some plants to hide from prey. It slowly made its way out on to the plants. When we got home, it was gone. Hoping it flew away and wasn't eaten!

Us with our butterfly

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