Monday, April 21, 2014

100th Mommy Mondays - Scary Moments with your Kids Spotlight

I asked this question to some local ladies about a month ago, after we thought my 5 year old son might need surgery.

What things have scared you that happened with your kids?

Here's one mom's story after giving birth to her second child.

**Slightly graphic images**


"My labor and delivery was super rough. The doctors even called a McRoberts which come to find out later means they are stuck. Luckily I was able to push him out. The doctor said his head and shoulders came out at the same time. The doctor thought he had a clef pallet (thankfully once again nope). He was misshapen really bad from the delivery and I wasn't able to see him for almost 2 hours after he was born. Then I tried to nurse and he wouldn't latch on right. The nurse tried to help but there were some issues so she brought a NICU nurse up to try to figure it out. He ended up having a high pallet and issues and swelling from the delivery. He even ended up with a blister on his nose.

When they went to go to get the NICU nurse my husband sat in the corner crying holding our son. I kept saying "Honey everything will be fine (of course I didn't see him when he looked his worse but, my husband did)." I asked him what he was thinking and he just said "I am scared something is seriously wrong with him." Later he said that he thought we would have a child with serious mental and physical disabilities. Thankfully he is fine today. 


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