Friday, November 6, 2015

140th Fashionable Fridays

Fall Colors - I've  been loving fall! I'm grateful to live in a place again with lots of trees to enjoy those beautiful colors. I'm scared it's going away soon though. We had a few snowflakes falling yesterday, but they didn't stick.

New Glasses: Firmoo Online Optical Store
Really affordable glasses. I love that you can upload your photo to try their glasses on. I couldn't believe they could do my high prescription for free. Next time though I will pay the extra for some things like thinner lenses and the anti-glare so I don't have to worry about pictures.

Top: thrifted or clothing swap
Tank: DownEast Basics
Pants: can't remember; they're at least 10 years old smile emoticon
Bracelet: BPriceless
Necklace: Dressing Your Truth store
Earrings: can't remember they're at least 5 years old

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