Wednesday, November 4, 2015

27th Wellness Wednesdays #IamStigmaFree Music Video


Here's our Music Video to Fight Song

All of this came together in about less than a week for the participants. Most of us learning the dance in 1-2 days. Hearing Fight Song on the radio gives me such a boost. Just yesterday I was really struggling with everything I have going on this week. I felt like I was going to have a panic attack, trembling. I haven't had an attack in so long. I heard this song on the radio and was able to calm down some and try to focus.

one of the girls took this picture with their phone; pretty amazing!

One fan mentioned liking the visual of having the wooden posts and some of us behind those because it gave him the illusion that are so many more that we can't see that are still struggling.

Some parts featuring me =)

Part of my Individual Dance

My Handwriting =)

FILMED + EDITED BY // Tucker Dansie + Chris Peck
PHOTOGRAPHY BY // Martha Keyes
HAIR + MAKEUP BY // Becky Swasey (
CHOREOGRAPHY BY // Chantel Stucki
MUSIC BY // Rachel Platten

Click on the Photo for all 17 women's individual interviews.

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