Friday, March 12, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #2

I'm linking up to One Crafty Mommy's Fashionable Fridays! Check it out! One Crafty Mommy and Fashionista on a Dime are working together to share affordable fashion! You can link up posts of your fashion, questions about fashion, etc.!

Fashionista on a Dime even gave me advice on last week's post - structured jackets like the one below with a white shirt and colorful scarf and flared jeans to balance. How awesome! I think I need to find some money to buy this jacket - so my style!

Sorry these are older pictures again - I cross my heart that next week's pics will be from 2010!

Ignore my bad poofy hair and let me know what you think of my new boots (new as from September - haha) I've been looking for boots for forever! Finally found these at Kohls for only $40! Way better than $80+ that I'd been seeing. (sorry it's not the best picture of the boots)

So I thought this hair was way better when I was doing it, but the pictures it doesn't look so great!
So just let me know what you think of the jewelery and my top.

Green top - Junior's section from Kohls - I know bad - I'm supposed to be looking in the women's sections still - but I didn't think it seemed that juniorish and I think it will be good for whenever I get pregnant again - pre-maternity and post-maternity wear.

Jewelery from Payless Shoes: it was BOGO so $10 for both

What jewelery is good for a mom but is still fun? Oh and are hats okay for moms? I love hats like this one I bought from Kayte Bug Boutique, but I'm afraid I look too young. (It won't let me copy the picture so go to her site to look at it.)

Let me know what you think of my Black and White top- I personally love it! It has pattern which I forget to look at and buy and it's flowier. From Kohls again

Then you can let me know what you think of my hair (old hair-left and new haircut-right: way more layers)

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