Thursday, March 18, 2010

Lucky to be Loved by You

FIRST OFF - does my menu bar at the top look messed up to anyone else? On my Mozilla - it looks perfect! On my IE the menu bar is messed up. I try to fix one and it messes the other. On my husband's computer it looks fine  - so just wondering it's messed up on anyone else's.

Hope you had a fun St. Patrick's Day!

I tried to make ours a little more interesting besides wearing green this year, by making my husband a little greeting (scrapbook layout) and having treats. My 15 mo. old stole some of Daddy's treats (I wish he couldn't recognize candy!)

I was inspired by these two sites: Love Actually for the treats & rainbow and The Dating Divas for the quote.

I plan to put this picture on the scrapbook page once I get the picture printed out.
(no my sons arms aren't that huge - he had his pjs underneath that weren't green! and he was getting ready for bed - hubby gets off at 7pm so we had to wait that long to get a picture)

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Sarah said...

Cute idea!!

Your menu bar looks fine to me.