Monday, July 26, 2010

7th Mommy Mondays

A cheap and fun little activity for the little ones for the summer! Found this idea from a reader on a local blog, Rexburg Moms.

Get some paint brushes and a bucket of water, have your kids paint the sidewalk, fence, porch, etc. It kept my toddler's attention for a good half hour!

We praciticed our shapes too - I drew different shapes for him and tried to teach him what they were. I tried to teach him his name/letters too.

Instead of painting too, he liked to fling the water!

Do you have any fun and/or learning activities perfect for toddlers? Or any good sites that has lots of ideas for toddler age?

Check out A Mommy's Blessing for her 3rd tip of Motherhood: We're not Perfect.
I know this to be true, but I think I forget it the most when I start comparing myself to other moms and how clean their house is or how they can get their cleaning and cooking done, etc. They can do it; why can't I?We're each different and have our own talents...we're learning everyday to be better and that's what should matter.

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Sarah said...

That's such a FUN idea!!

I was sent the link to this video by Elder Holland. If you haven't watched it yet, here's the link:

I loved the message :)