Friday, July 23, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #13

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I've been neglecting Fashionable Fridays lately because I feel like I'm running out of clothes or I've been lazy with my looks again. Plus then I went on vacation. Well I'll try to do better and maybe save some money for some new clothes that I need, but as a Mom and plus being stuck in ID - not much places to shop or time to shop. I should have set aside a day to do more shopping while I was in Chicago, but we were so busy with activties: seeing family and friends, going to Lake Geneva and Six Flags, etc. I was able to help my friend shop for her trip to Florida. That was fun at least, using what I know to tell her what outfits accentuated her best features or what accessories she could by and step out of her comfort zone. I should have taken pictures!

Oh well here's an outfit I wore out to eat - Panda Express just opened near us. We haven't had Panda in a long time so it was a special occassion =D - don't laugh. lol

Found this shirt on Ross. I've been trying to find more pattern, but it's hard to find in pattern in color that I like.
The jeans I love from Old Navy - Diva Boot Cut in the dark wash I believe. Kinda pricey for me right now so I'll have to wait to buy another pair. I think it was $34... I try to spend less than $30 on jeans. That might be appalling to be so cheap to some people. I desperately need jeans though - being a mom/working with kids - you tend to get a lot more holes in your jeans - constantly on the ground, bending down, etc.

2 crafty contributions:

Fashionista Amanda said...
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Fashionista Amanda said...

Hey Maryanne!

I love your top! This pattern is fun and modern! I bet if you tucked it -slightly & sort-of loosely- in, you would look taller. :)

Also, another no-cost tip: add different tank colors underneathe your top. Since the pattern is black and white- it's acting as your neutral base. Try red, turquoise or even tan!

That way you can easily coordinate your accent color (on your tank) to other accessories- like a purse, necklace, bracelet, summer scarf, hair accessories, etc. :)

Keep rocking on with your fabulous-self! XO