Friday, July 30, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #14

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Here's an outfit I wore to church. I've been dying to wear my new red belt that I bought a couple months ago. Finally I figured out a good outfit to do it with.

I'm wearing a shirt dress (it's a little too short for my liking so I wore my black skirt underneath) from Kohls. I bought like 3 years ago for like $7!!! It was the only one left and my size - lucky me!

Several people complimented me on it at church so that made me happy.

I need accessories though - a lot of my jewelery has been damaged by my little boy - any durable jewelery out there that's cute!? Plus I need some money to go shopping - some day.

Comments on Lookville - yes I decided to brave again and see what "the fashion experts" had to say...

@MichelleW: I think it looks great, though I might wear it a little lower.

@beautynut: I think this is fine. You could do a white t-shirt and still wear the red belt too. Very cute outfit all around

@PopChampagne: I think the belt it good with the outfit
@TheGorgeousGalGlamSociety: This isn't the most fashion forward outfit - the red black and white combo is a bit bleh. Try this outfit without the red accents and save them for an outfit with greys or navy.
Most were nice thank goodness. I agree with the last one if I had any money to shop then the red belt would look fabulous with navy.

@stelps: my opinion is: the red belt would match better with red shoes and black or white shirt. this outfit would be nice with black or white belt and black or white shirt.

@Dancingnixie: I wouldn't wear the red shirt as well. White would be fine, I love the belt!

@patriciams: I like your outfit.

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Sarah said...

I love it! That belt is awesome!!