Monday, October 4, 2010

17th Mommy Mondays

In the last few months, I've heard about this weird thing that happens to women after having children. They can't jump on a trampoline, go running, etc. without peeing a little.

I personally don't have this problem yet, but maybe it's because I've only given birth to one child so far. Is this true for a lot of Mommies out there? After having one or more kids?

Interesting and don't moms have to go through enough? I guess it's more of a motivator to do kegel exercises.

2 crafty contributions:

vanita said...

honey, I've had four kids and haven't had this issue yet.

Christine:) said...

Ummm, yes. This is so true for me, and it started right after I had my first! (although this is the first time I've probably admitted it;) Congrats on not having this mommy issue;)