Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #21 - Guest Blogger, Paint That Nail

For today's Fashionable Fridays, I have a fun guest blogger, Kristyn from Paint that Nail. She is awesome! Have you ever wondered what to do with your nails? Are you scared to try certain colors of nail polish? Check out her blog for amazing ideas to make a fashion statement with your nails. She'll be guest posting here on the first Friday of the month for the next couple of months.

Paint that nail 
This is my first blog post for Scrappy Gifts' Fashionable Fridays!! Its going to be the first Friday of every month. So what I used was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sheer Vanilla (3 coats) and then I mixed sheer vanilla with an Avon thats a really light sheer pink but Avon doesn't sell it anymore and an Avon Sheer French Pink (1 coat or that mixed nail polish).

To do the tips I used a Stripe Rite to outline the smile line then filled it in with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White then I went back with the Stripe Rite to do touch ups.

For the flower I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever and Essence No More Drama. To do the flower you do 5 dots (I used a dotting tool but you can use a toothpick). Wait for it to get tacky then drag from the outside to the middle. Then make another dot in the center of the petals. Add a top coat and you're done!

I showed all my nails because I just cut them and wanted to show how short all of them are. (:

Thanks Kristyn! Love the french. Thanks for sharing how to do the flower too; so fun! You're so talented!

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paint that nail said...

Thank you so much again for letting me do these awesome Fashionable Fridays!