Monday, October 11, 2010

18th Mommy Mondays

My son was sick last week. He started throwing up at 6:30pm every half hour for at least 3 hours. A throwing up toddler is just the saddest thing! It almost made cry to watch him. He fell asleep for a couple hours woke up and threw up more. He couldn't even keep down liquids. My husband and I stayed up with him for another couple hours.
He was so thirsty, but just couldn't keep it down since he was chugging down water or Sprite.  So we started to do a tip from my MIL - have him take sips of a drink. It's hard to tell a toddler to stop drinking, so I would only fill his cup with a little bit of flat Sprite. We'd practice counting to 10 and then he could have more. We repeated that several times and then tried to distract him some to make sure he kept what he drank down. We called the after hours nurse at our doctor's office and she said it was debatable to take him in to the ER. He didn't have signs of dehydration (pinched skin, sunken eyes). He threw up again a couple more times later so I told my husband we can either go to the ER or he could give our son a blessing. My husband gave him a blessing and he didn't throw up again. We were able to sleep for 5 hours more with just some restlessness and whimpering from our son in between.
He did have some diarrhea the next day (basically liquid that smelled like sewer - eck!). Our son wouldn't eat anything until about dinner time the next day. We tried to stick to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast). Once he started eating, the diarrhea stopped too thankfully.

What other sad things tug at your hear that happen to your child? I think such a young child throwing up is way worse then a child with a fever. Even though last year, to see my son look so sick when he had a fever was sad, but he was easy to cuddle with. I tried to cuddle him once last week and he ended up throwing up on me. So sad!

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Sarah said...

Awww... that's horrible! I remember Jason went through that just before Christmas last year. It broke my heart. And it was tough to convince him to throw up in a bowl instead of on the couch (I love our leather furniture!) or on himself. I think I must have given him a dozen baths that day.

Glad to hear your little man is doing better. I hope you and your husband don't catch the bug after like we did last year.

Take care. :)