Monday, November 15, 2010

22nd Mommy Mondays

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So this week I feel like it's been so hard trying to spend time with my husband!

With our toddler that fights bed so badly when his Daddy is around. My husband works 11:30am-8pm so our son doesn't get too see Daddy as much because it's almost bedtime once his Daddy gets home. We usually keep our son up between 9pm-10pm though, but I don't know if it's enough time.

Then with me being pregnant, I'm usually in bed right after our son is, again due to my husband's later working schedule. His work schedule does have its benefits because we are not people, but just me being pregnant again - it's been way harder to find time to spend just us.

Oh and our son is still not great with "strangers"/baby-sitters. We've tried a couple times, but I feel bad asking people to baby-sit when our son just cries most of the time. He is improving though and getting used to certain people more so maybe one day we'll get there.

Maybe I should take a nap with my son during the day again so I can have energy to stay up with my husband at night. Anyone have tips about how to spend time with your husband when your child is not great with baby-sitters? Is it harder when you're pregnant with 2nd, 3rd, etc. child? Time and season for everything?

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Katie's Nesting Spot said...

Aw, Maryanne you are too sweet:)

For ER's first year, Brad left home at around seven and didn't get home until seven or even later. Her bedtime was ten o'clock so she could have some Daddy time. So I competely understand that situation. ER was also the WORST with any kind of sitter, even family because they all lived in MI and we were in NM. So they were strangers to her too. Now that we live back in MI it's a lot better, she loves being watched by her grandparents. And in fact, when we go over, she assumes she's staying and we're going and will tell us bye bye and want us to leave! I think as you son gets older he will better with babysitters especially if he sees the same one over and over. Maybe you could have someone over to play with him while you stay at home. I know that sounds odd, but it helped ER get used to a sitter and feel comfortable being with someone else. Of course, just when she was we moved but like I said now we have parents nearby.