Friday, November 19, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #27

Here's me at 16 weeks (I'm currently 17 weeks though). Sorry the picture is blurry - I had to do a self-timer since no one was home to take my picture.

Shirt from Layers' Clothing close-out sale. $5?
Jeans from Old Navy $25-$30 - I love these maternity jeans! Instead of the fabric waistband, they have jean so it looks like normal jeans except there's not button or zipper still =D I wish I had money to buy another pair. I only own 2 pairs of maternity jeans.

I've definitely been feeling this baby move now. So fun! Can't wait until my husband and son can feel the baby.

We find out the gender, December 10th! I'd love to hear you GUESSES on the GENDER! Mind you my husband is the oldest of 6 boys. I have 2 younger brothers. Neither of us have sisters. We have a toddler son. This pregnancy has been pretty similar to my first.

Please leave a comment with your guess. =D

1 crafty contributions:

Sarah said...

I am thinking a boy maybe?!!

Cute outfit. Love Old Navy's maternity clothes!