Friday, October 29, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #24

Well good thing I didn't show all my cuteness last week since I've been sick this week: sore throat, stuffy nose, and lots of coughing.

Here's what I wore on my birthday, October 21st!

White Maternity Shirt from Old Navy with rouching on the side
Blue Scarf from Shade Clothing


Yes I am pregnant =D 13 weeks only in this picture. I know I look like I'm 16-20 instead. It is my second though so I guess you show way faster the 2nd time around.

Monday, October 25, 2010

19th Mommy Mondays

What do these things have in common?

this one would match our bedding

Full Futon

Changing Table in Cherry

Combi Pod Bouncer

 Graco Infant Carseat

1.  All of these things you can buy from CSN Stores! I'll be doing another review for them next month. Right now you can enter my CSN Giveaway over at my Scrappy Gifts site!
2. All the things we need because we're having Baby #2!
  • The headboard is needed because we just bought a mattress (we used to sleep on the floor or air bed) - a pregnant woman needs a mattress! We also need to get a frame for the mattress still.
  • I would like a futon for my toddler son. (Right now he's in a toddler bed that was converted from his crib) The style of this one is great because it kinda looks like a crib still. He moves around a lot too so I like the full size. Plus this can be converted to a sitting area when we have play group in his bedroom where all the toys are.
  • I'd like a changing table. We have a changing pad that I've put on a bookshelf, but it hangs over slightly so it's probably not as safe. The cherry color would match the crib.
  • This bouncer would be great to keep the baby in sometimes, and it looks comfy.
  • Friends gave us our last infant car seat that expired in December 2009 plus my son outgrew it fast so my MIL gave us a bigger carseat when he was 4 months that converts to a forward facing/toddler seat. It has to be Graco so it fits in our Graco Stroller.

Our son is super excited! He's understanding about the baby too. He knows that I have a baby, but he and Daddy don't have one. I made this shirt so we could share the news with people.

To see a picture of me pregnant, check out my Fashionable Fridays post. In the post, I'm 12 weeks, but currently today I'm 13.5 weeks.

6-10 weeks: nausea basically every day and throwing up once a day 3-4x a week
10-12 weeks: nausea when I have to throw up, throwing up once a day 2x a week

Lettuce seems to be a problem again for me - I can eat a little, but salads are out! Orange juice is also out. It tasted fine, but later wasn't cool. These were the same when I was pregnant with my first.
Brushing my teeth is another problem especially at night. I usually eat within a hour before going to bed so if brush my teeth at night I end up throwing up my dinner. I try to wait longer before going to bed after eating, but usually it doesn't work. Sometimes if I brush my teeth really fast, I could make it. I can't brush my tongue at all - I always gag and throw up then.
I always brush my teeth in the morning before eating though and usually am fine. About twice a week though I end up dry heaving which is worse than throwing up, but I have to brush my teeth right and at least I'm not losing any nutrients.
New this pregnancy, I can't even floss with mint floss...I can only floss with unflavored floss. For some reason the mint flavor sometimes makes me throw up if I'm flossing for a long time. Glad I have one little thing of unflavored floss. I better start looking for some more since all we have is mint.
Anyone else have problems like this when pregnant?
I know a lot of women have it way worse than me, but it seems all the people I know don't even throw up that much during their pregnancies. I'm grateful that I'm sick though because it's a good sign that the baby is doing well; I'd probably get all worried if I wasn't sick.
We're excited to have another. I was so scared about having another, but as soon as I found out I was pregnant all that worry went away for now. My husband is even more attached to this pregnancy earlier on than with our first; it's wonderful to see. He didn't get attached to the first until after he saw the gender ultrasound and later could feel the baby move.
I swear that I've been feeling this baby move, but I'm not sure if it's my imagination thinking how it felt when I felt my first moving or am I just a lot more gassy this time. The doctor assistant said the earliest people can feel a baby move is 12 weeks. I felt my first at 17 so we'll see.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #23

Here's my reason for not being on Fashionable Fridays recently ....

I wore this simple outfit to a Baby Shower last weekend. Go ahead and guess how far along I am - I won't be offended. I look farther along than I really am. I guess that's what happens with your second.

Not even all my Facebook Friends know that I'm expecting yet. =D

Find out more about my 2nd pregnancy on Mommy Mondays!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #22- Guest Blogger: Tricia's Take on Fall Fashion

I'm so excited to have Tricia from Tricia's Take share some fall fashion today! I love Fall and sure do miss my hometown back in Chicago with all the gorgeous trees in fall colors. Out here in Idaho, there's just not enough of them.

It's Tricia again from and today (as promised) we are talking about fall fashion! Fall is my favorite time of year and one of the best parts is fashion! Here are a few are my favorite fall pieces I will be wearing this year!

This jacket is the quintessential fall jacket! Everything about it says fall to me and I adore the neckline on it!

Corduroy pants have always been one of my favorites and I just picked up this new pair and can't wait to wear them!

Boots are one of the most important fall staples! I LOVE these new 'riding boots' which are perfect to dress up or down!

Cardigans have me swooning this year and this one screams fall to me!!

Scarf's are one of the fall must haves! I love how they can add such a great pop of color and can be worn all season long!

Thanks Maryanne for letting me guest post again, it's always so much fun! You can always check me out everyday at my blog (Tricia's Take) Enjoy the fall season and all the fashion fun it holds!!

Thanks so much Tricia!  I absolutely love the fall jacket, and I love the whole cardigan outfit! I just bought a couple scarves for myself so I'm set for that =D

Monday, October 11, 2010

18th Mommy Mondays

My son was sick last week. He started throwing up at 6:30pm every half hour for at least 3 hours. A throwing up toddler is just the saddest thing! It almost made cry to watch him. He fell asleep for a couple hours woke up and threw up more. He couldn't even keep down liquids. My husband and I stayed up with him for another couple hours.
He was so thirsty, but just couldn't keep it down since he was chugging down water or Sprite.  So we started to do a tip from my MIL - have him take sips of a drink. It's hard to tell a toddler to stop drinking, so I would only fill his cup with a little bit of flat Sprite. We'd practice counting to 10 and then he could have more. We repeated that several times and then tried to distract him some to make sure he kept what he drank down. We called the after hours nurse at our doctor's office and she said it was debatable to take him in to the ER. He didn't have signs of dehydration (pinched skin, sunken eyes). He threw up again a couple more times later so I told my husband we can either go to the ER or he could give our son a blessing. My husband gave him a blessing and he didn't throw up again. We were able to sleep for 5 hours more with just some restlessness and whimpering from our son in between.
He did have some diarrhea the next day (basically liquid that smelled like sewer - eck!). Our son wouldn't eat anything until about dinner time the next day. We tried to stick to the BRAT diet (Bananas, Rice, Applesauce and Toast). Once he started eating, the diarrhea stopped too thankfully.

What other sad things tug at your hear that happen to your child? I think such a young child throwing up is way worse then a child with a fever. Even though last year, to see my son look so sick when he had a fever was sad, but he was easy to cuddle with. I tried to cuddle him once last week and he ended up throwing up on me. So sad!

Monday, October 4, 2010

17th Mommy Mondays

In the last few months, I've heard about this weird thing that happens to women after having children. They can't jump on a trampoline, go running, etc. without peeing a little.

I personally don't have this problem yet, but maybe it's because I've only given birth to one child so far. Is this true for a lot of Mommies out there? After having one or more kids?

Interesting and don't moms have to go through enough? I guess it's more of a motivator to do kegel exercises.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Fashionable Fridays #21 - Guest Blogger, Paint That Nail

For today's Fashionable Fridays, I have a fun guest blogger, Kristyn from Paint that Nail. She is awesome! Have you ever wondered what to do with your nails? Are you scared to try certain colors of nail polish? Check out her blog for amazing ideas to make a fashion statement with your nails. She'll be guest posting here on the first Friday of the month for the next couple of months.

Paint that nail 
This is my first blog post for Scrappy Gifts' Fashionable Fridays!! Its going to be the first Friday of every month. So what I used was Sally Hansen Hard as Nails Sheer Vanilla (3 coats) and then I mixed sheer vanilla with an Avon thats a really light sheer pink but Avon doesn't sell it anymore and an Avon Sheer French Pink (1 coat or that mixed nail polish).

To do the tips I used a Stripe Rite to outline the smile line then filled it in with 2 coats of Sinful Colors Snow Me White then I went back with the Stripe Rite to do touch ups.

For the flower I used Sinful Colors Pink Forever and Essence No More Drama. To do the flower you do 5 dots (I used a dotting tool but you can use a toothpick). Wait for it to get tacky then drag from the outside to the middle. Then make another dot in the center of the petals. Add a top coat and you're done!

I showed all my nails because I just cut them and wanted to show how short all of them are. (:

Thanks Kristyn! Love the french. Thanks for sharing how to do the flower too; so fun! You're so talented!